Need money fast, should I choose binary options ?

need money should I choose binary options

Do you have unexpected expenses to be paid ? Are you in debt and need funds urgently ? You might be thinking that binary options can help get you out of that situation quickly however this is not true. Binary options allow you to earn money quickly in a few seconds or minutes but only based on their maturity, provided you know what you are doing. Speculating randomly, you can’t expect to earn money in the long-term. If you are willing to be patient for several weeks or months, then yes you can make money constantly using binary options, however if you are a complete beginner and are considering making a deposit with a broker without knowing what you are doing then you could end up putting yourself in worse financial position than your current situation.

What are binary options ?

A binary option is when you speculate about the direction of a financial market, asking yourself « Will this market be above its current price ? ». If you think the answer is yes, you take a « call », if you don’t think so, you take a « put ». The return on the investment in binary options is determined in advance, generally it ranges between 65% and 85% of the amount of money invested. If you bet €100 on a binary option and the return is 82%, then if your forecast is correct you will earn €82, plus the €100 returned by the broker, however if your estimation was wrong, you lose your €100, therefore this is the ultimate risk.

You won’t become rich in one day

Easy money, to become rich quickly and earn a substantial additional income in a few hours or a few days, that’s the message transmitted by binary options brokers using an agressive marketing strategy which are usually not authorised. Nevertheless, you have to know that you won’t get rich in one day with binary options, it’s a false myth that you shouldn’t believe in ! Binary options trading is a serious investment activity which requires a certain level of training and experience before you can make a profit. Don’t believe everything you read and be on gaurd, using binary options you can earn a few dozen of euros per day with a seed capital of a couple of hundred euros but it’s rare to earn more than this if your seed capital isn’t more consistent.

Don’t cut corners

Some people who desperatley need money and are trying to find a way to earn money quickly turn to binary options trading, and make the mistake of thinking that it is the solution to get out of financial difficulty, but it’s not !

Binary options trading is an activity that requires time, you can’t expect to earn a lot of money after only a few days of trading. In order to maximise your chances of success in binary options trading, it is essential that you don’t cut any corners and to follow a logical process.

As with any profession, in forex trading you need to have some training in binary options. When given the chance to earn a lot of money instantly, many traders don’t follow this step and blow their chances when they start trading. You can’t become a trader without some training on the use of binary options, furthermore, why wouldn’t you take advantage of completing training when it’s offered free of charge by most of the binary options brokers to their new customers. Once you understand the trading and financial markets basics acquired after few weeks, it’s advised to practice trading on a binary options demo accounts (with virtual money), and once you are profitable in the demo and able to deal with the risks, you can start trading for real with your own money.

It’s important to know what you are doing with binary options trading and not throw yourself to the wolves believing that you will control the financial markets. If you are facing financial difficulties and need money quickly then you don’t have time to waste, so binary options won’t suit you because if you want to tackle this activity with a good approach then you will need at least few weeks before it will be a profitable activity.

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