Accept or refuse bonuses on deposits in binary options ?

accept or refuse binary options deposit bonuses 

Many brokers on the internet offer traders a bonus on deposits. Should you accept or refuse it ? You can accept a bonus but only if you really understand how it works and what requirements are associated with the bonus.


What is a bonus on a deposit ? 


A bonus on a deposit is an amount of money granted by the broker when someone opens a trading account and makes a deposit. This extra amount offered by the broker allows a trader to increase their first deposit for free. Bonuses on deposits are common in the trading industry but also on bookmakers websites, casinos websites or in the poker rooms. Nevertheless, not all binary options brokers offer a bonus automatically to their customers even if a bonus is offered by many brokers. Getting a bonus on a deposit is a big advantage that allows traders to boost the first investment (deposit) made at a broker, but you have to be sure to select a “good” bonus on a deposit, at a “good” broker and for which the conditions are “good”. 


The bonus on deposits usually granted


Most of the time, binary options brokers offering bonuses on deposits to their traders offer between 20% and 50% of the initial amount invested. For example is you invest €100 and have a bonus of 30%, you will get €130 on your account (€100 + €30 bonus). We have seen suspicious brokers offering 200% or 300% and sometimes more to new traders, so you need to be cautious towards the bonus on a deposit promised by brokers and always make sure to choose an authorized binary options broker.


The negociated bonus on deposit


Our website, is a website containing news and information about the worldwide binary options industry. Thanks to the close relationships we have with the main binary options brokers, we managed to get negociated bonuses on deposit (that you couldn’t have without using our links). These bonuses have been negociated around 100% most of the time. It means that when a trader opens an account with a broker by clicking on the links on our website, they can double their first investment if the negociated bonus is 100%, instead of the usual 20% or 30% offered by the broker to its other customers. 


Always check the conditions on a bonus on a deposit !


Let’s take the example of the binary options broker TopOption, offering a negocited bonus of 100%. However, if you check the details of this broker, you can find the conditions related to the bonus like : 

– Bonus of 50% (instead of 0%) for €100 invested or more

– Bonus of 100% (instead of 0%) for €250 invested or more

– Maximum bonus €500

– No bonus on the next investments


A bonus is always offered with conditions ! 


In the current example with the broker TopOption, you need to speculate for 40 times the amount of money in addition to the amount of the bonus granted. For example, if you deposit €300 and get €300 of a bonus, you have €600 on your TopOption account. You have to speculate 40 x €600, €24,000. If you make €50 trades, you will need to do 480 trades. It can be done quite quickly if you trade on short term options.


Double your deposit with


As we just explained, it’s possible to double your deposit with some brokers on our website. Therefore, the broker TopOption allows you to double your deposit if the amount invested is over €250. The negociated bonus on a deposit isn’t the only benefit you will get on our website, you will be able to benefit from the guarantee when you open an account with a broker using a link on our website. Here are 2 good reasons to start trading binary options !

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