Becoming a VIP trader with the InteractiveOption broker

become vip trader interactiveoption

Binary options brokers are never short of ideas to attract their customers a little more. For this purpose, they sometimes set up promotional offers for limited periods of time, by sometimes allocating exceptional bonuses on deposit. They organize binary options contests with exceptional prizes into the bargain, but today the InteractiveOption broker goes much further than that and launches its VIP portal, which consists of access to a particular website belonging to the binary options broker offered to the most important traders of InteractiveOption.

The InteractiveOption regulated broker

The InteractiveOption binary options broker has quickly become a broker of choice for the binary options traders based in the European Union. One of the attractive aspects of this broker is that it is relatively young as it has emerged in the binary option industry in 2013. It has quickly become a recommended broker because its innovative and intuitive trading platform has proven itself through obtaining the license of the CySEC regulator.

InteractiveOption is therefore one of the binary options brokers that are authorized and approved by competent financial authorities. It is also present in the major European economic capitals (Frankfurt, Paris or London) and is authorized to provide services to the traders. Thanks to the InteractiveOption broker, it is possible to speculate on the course of various financial markets from a money deposit of $200 only. Little more than a broker, it offers its traders free access to its binary options trading training, thus even beginners who have no trading knowledge can master this activity and benefit from the financial markets.

One of the major advantages of InteractiveOption is that it offers traders minimum $5 positions only, thus even as a beginner in binary options, you should not feel in danger and you can bring into play very little money to start speculating. The minimum positions of Forex brokers are around $ 20-25 in general, therefore the InteractiveOption broker is well below this standard in the binary options industry.

The VIP portal of the InteractiveOption broker

As we have seen earlier, the InteractiveOption broker opens the doors of financial markets to both larger and smaller investors. Whether you have high or low capital, the InteractiveOption broker is the solution to practice binary options trading. However, this broker has launched a special offer that is reserved to a prestigious clientele; it is the InteractiveOption VIP portal. But just to be clear enough, if you do not have $ 25,000 to invest in your trading account, this portal will remain closed for you. This amount of money impresses you most likely because binary options are known to allow small budgets to speculate on the price of financial markets. However, because there are indeed some experienced traders who invest so much money and fail to realize high profit-taking, InteractiveOption has taken them into consideration and reserves for them this famous VIP portal.

This private access to the InteractiveOption website reserved to only a few customers makes it possible to get in touch with a personal account manager. As a VIP trader, it is possible to contact him/her at any time and verify the ongoing strategies and to ensure that the positions taken are the best possible ones. VIP traders also have the privilege to ask the broker to exceptionally add for them active tradables, which may also be Forex currency pairs as well as shares of publicly listed companies, stock indexes or commodities. The broker’s VIP clients will benefit from gifts such as football tickets to attend the games of the OGC Nice, the official partner of InteractiveOption.

Becoming a trader with the InteractiveOption broker

Whether you are planning to become a VIP or not, when you become traders and proceed to opening a new InteractiveOption account, you enjoy an exceptional 100% bonus on deposit, thus allowing you to double your initial money deposit whereas in normal times this broker only offers 40% bonus on deposit to its new traders. The negotiated bonus on deposit is a unique advantage that usually does not take place and that is not found anywhere else online.

Please also note that awarding the bonus on deposit is not the only advantage that you can benefit from by becoming a client of a broker through a link from our website. The guarantee is another additional benefit that you will automatically receive when opening an account with a partner binary options broker from our website. This guarantee allows you to be protected against potential problems that might occur during your trading experience on the platform of your broker and is therefore also a significant outstanding advantage which you can benefit from.

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