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Binary option broker with the lowest minimum position

To allow you to choose a binary options broker more easily, we have established here-below for you a list of brokers who offer the lowest minimum positions in the market. You will notably find the BancDeBinary broker who allows you to enter the markets with a minimum position of only 1 euro!

List of the brokers with the lowest minimum position

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Before anything else, the first essential step for any good binary options trader is to choose one’s broker like a good partner that can assist you and help you manage your money effectively and earn money in binary options. One of the fundamental criteria to take into account is the minimum position proposed by the broker. This criterion also appears in all of our comparative binary options brokers. But why is this minimum position criterion important?

What is the minimum position ?

To begin, it is important to differentiate between a minimum “Deposit” and a minimum “Position”.

The minimum deposit is the amount charged by the brokerage firm to allow you to open an account to deposit real money and start trading. Once this deposit is completed, you can immediately start trading, and it is only then that the famous concept of “minimum position” comes into account.

The definition of the lowest minimum position is simple: it is the minimum investment amount that allows you to open a transaction in the markets. 

For example, after you open your account with the OptionBit broker (and having taken advantage of your 100% bonus negotiated by, you can start trading starting from 10 Euros, in other words, you can invest 10 euros in the position of your choice.

Why is the minimum position a criterion for choosing a binary options broker ?

The minimum position is a fundamental criteria because it offers many advantages particularly the ability to:

Minimize risks

One of the basic ways to make money with binary options is to minimize the risks. In fact, professional traders use the so-called method of “risk managment” or “money managment” to manage their capital. This method consists, in practice, of not betting too much money, and to diversify one’s investment and not invest one’s entire capital. (Find more details on “money managment” in our section “Strategies“). 

In practice, we recommend that you do not bet more than 5% of your capital in any one position.

Example: If you bet your 100% bonus of 1000 dollars in binary options, it would be wise not to bet more than 50 dollars in a single transaction.

Training to trade

The minimum position allows the novice trader to train on the binary options market. In fact, opening a position on a small amount allows you to practice by multiplying your chances to trade and thus particularly improve your trading strategy.

Therefore multiply one’s chances of making money

Choosing the lowest minimum position allows you to bet more and therefore particularly improve your chances of making money.

In fact, if your deposit is 100 Dollars, with a minimum position of 5 Dollars, it will simply allow you to trade at least 20 times!

Similarly, the higher the minimum position, the more accelerated your chances of loss will be. In fact, if the minimum position is 20 Dollars, only 5 losing trades will be enough to drain your capital!  

Limiting losses from the “martingale” betting method

We do not recommend this type of strategy as you may have read in our “binary options Strategies” section, but if you still wish to use this method, which consists of increasing the amount of the initial position with each loss until a gain is achieved, you must absolutely choose the broker who offers the lowest minimum position in order to limit the damage. In fact, the higher your initial bet is, the lower the chance that your entire capital will disappear with this martingale method. Moreover, another criterion is to be taken into account with this betting method: the maximum position imposed by your broker. In fact, the higher the maximum position is, the higher your chances of winning are as you will not be stuck in this strategy by a ceiling that will prevent you from doubling the bet.

In conclusion, if you are a novice trader or if you simply want to increase your chances of earning money, your can choose a broker who offers the lowest minimum position.

Has this article been useful to you ? Your opinion matters so do not hesitate to share your feedback on binary options trading. 

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  1. dawid said: 28/11/2013

    thank you for review. i only like to put a trade on binary at highest or lowest level or when volumes move . recommend also to stay away fron above mentioned strategy. dawid

  2. james said: 26/12/2013

    the most important thing is that you gotta find a reputable broker to use. a lot of the ones you mention will probably steal your money and run. you gotta find one that is SEC approved.

  3. David said: 26/02/2014

    GTOption is a big crook. I won three saw the money in the pay out box then it just disappeared. support never talked just answered and hung up. stay away from them. Follow James advice!

  4. Bryan said: 26/03/2014

    Dav I would agree. There full of lies.

  5. Matt said: 24/07/2015

    How come you guys don’t list “MarketsWorld?.”

  6. Teevaar said: 24/02/2016

    Hi there 🙂 can anyone pls tell me what is the min. amount in $ that I would need to deposit into a trading account to start trading with? Basically I just want to know how much it will cost me to start trading.

  7. faith said: 03/07/2016

    Iv just joined the minute the account was suspended. What is that mean

    • Dimitri said: 03/08/2016

      I think is because this website not allow south african traders,
      anyway, MarketsWorld is not a regulated binary options broker, be careful of this company !


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