Binary options at 1000% with the AnyOption broker

anyoption binary options 1000%

Although you may be ignoring this binary option, please be aware that just like a traditional binary options , a pair binary option or any other type of binary options, the 0-100 binary option makes it possible to speculate on all markets offered by the brokers. It is possible to speculate on both currency pairs as well as on stock indices and commodities through pair options.

The 0-100 binary options

A 0-100 binary option consists of similar events: Will the EUR/USD Currency pair be lower than 1.3870 at 18:00 or not? If you answer “yes” to the question and therefore think that the event will occur when you buy the option, and if you otherwise think that the event will not happen, you sell the option.

The 0-100 binary option is as simple as that and you most likely ask yourself if this is the same as the standard binary options. It turns out that the earnings are different and this difference also pertains to the size. While “normal” binary options usually provide  a return on investment of 70 to 90, the 0-100 binary options can in turn make it possible to obtain a much more substantial gain that can reach up to 1,000!

Earn up to 1.000%

When you buy a binary option and therefore feel that an event will occur, and if your assessment proves correct, your profit will be equivalent to the difference between the purchase price (ranging from 0 to 100) and 100. Thus, your earnings will be calculated based on the difference multiplied by the amount of invested money. Conversely, in a binary option sales of 1-100 with a prediction of the non-realization of the event, the gain will be calculated based on the difference (sale price – 100).

As you can see from the image above, the current price of the EUR/USD currency pair is 1.29653 at 7 pm and the EUR / USD event will be higher than 1.29673 at 19:15 today. This is less likely to occur than the other possibility because the investment return set by the platform of the broker is higher (125 for the purchase of the option as opposed to 52 for its sale).

In the present example, a purchase option is $ 44.3, the option rate is equivalent to 44.3. The difference of 44.3 to 100 is equal to 55.70. To obtain the return on investment of this option, simply divide 55.7 by 44.3. Thus, we obtain a figure of 1.2573 corresponding to the return on investment of 125.73.

In the opposite scenario, if we plan to sell the binary option we will then invest the sum of $ 65.6. The difference between 65.6 and 100 is 34.4 and the return on investment is calculated as follows, a division of 34.4 by 65.6, which gives us the figure of 0.5244, corresponding to the return on investment of 52 44.

On binary options that generally reach maturity or whose market in question has strongly deflected in the upper or lower part of the chart, sometimes the return on investment can reach 1,000. For example, this buyer option at the rate of 14.3 makes it possible to obtain a high return on investment of 600 in case the upward scenario is confirmed when the maturity is reached.

The AnyOption binary options broker

AnyOption is a broker that can be considered as one of the most reliable. The company has been active on the binary options market since 2008 (which has already been more than 8 years). Over the last few years, it has received the licenses and authorizations of many European financial authorities such as the AMF, the CySEC, the BaFIN, the CNMV or the FCA. In other words, AnyOption has nothing more to prove with regards to its seriousness.

Becoming a trader with AnyOption

Choosing AnyOption and deciding to open a trading account with it means joining hundreds of other traders who have already joined the AnyOption experience. The latter is a broker that attracts and inspires confidence given its high quality services as well as its reputation with the financial regulators, hence granting their licenses to this broker.

Unlike the majority of binary options brokers that we promote on our website, AnyOption does not give the right to a negotiated bonus on deposit. However, if you open an AnyOption account, you will be automatically eligible for the Guarantee. This guarantee is a kind of protection that will allow you to enjoy the special relationship that we maintain with the teams of the broker. In case any problem is encountered with AnyOption during your trading experience, upon simple request from you, we will take care of your case and will contact the team of the broker in order to resolve the problem in question at best and as quickly as possible.

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