The guarantee protects binary options traders

the guarantee

As our name suggests, our website is known for providing traders with negotiated bonuses on deposit. Although our main mission is to allow traders to take advantage of the best bonuses that we can find online in terms of binary options, please be aware that our negotiating skills with the brokers are not our only quality. Instead, we also allow traders to be protected by our team and benefit from “the guarantee”. This guarantee is a kind of protection that allows traders to take advantage of our assistance and support but also benefit from the influence that we have with the brokers given the partnerships that we maintain with them. Among other things, these special relationships allow us to perform certain requests with the brokers and therefore to quickly solve the problems that some of our readers could be encounter in terms of their trading via their binary options platforms.

What kind of problem can we encounter with brokers?

Brokers listed in our comparative chart of binary options brokers are for the most part binary options brokers that are regulated by the financial authorities, which therefore testifies to their reliability and recognition within the trading industry by providing traders with quality services. Accordingly, these brokers try to ensure the least possible incident between them and the traders. Hence, they continuously develop their trading platforms; they carry out updates and closely monitor their traders’ activities.

However, we are not immune to a technical incident or an administrative problem that may disrupt your binary options trading sessions in the financial markets. The problems that traders most frequently encounter with binary options brokers are:

– The validation of the trading account before a withdrawal of earnings (in fact brokers sometimes require proof of identity to make sure that money is sent to the right person). This procedure is quite standard; although it may be interpreted by a trader as a problem, in reality it is not.

The release of a binary options bonus. Again, to avoid any misunderstanding, it is important to review the terms relating to the bonus granted by a broker (see our “brokers’ fact sheets”). A broker may require betting several times the amount of the granted bonus prior to its withdrawal.

A recognized slippage, i.e. a gap in the execution of trades on the market at an undesirable price.

Various technical problems, poor execution of trades, bugs in the binary options platform, difficulty connecting to or accessing the broker’s website, etc…

Generally, it does not take long to find a positive solution to these few small problems through traditional means of communication with the brokers (contact by e-mail, online chat, telephone). If the process is too long, will gladly lend you a hand and assist you in your efforts. is here to help!

Since is a direct intermediary between traders and binary options brokers, we maintain privileged relationships with most binary options brokers featured in our website. The problems that most traders encounter are often linked to a communication problem between the trader and the broker; it is not uncommon for a trader who encounters a problem to be subject to poor service with his broker or to fail to reach the intended recipient. This will only delay the process to find a solution to the problem at hand.

As a real partner of the most serious binary options brokers in the trading industry, we have developed relationships with the representatives thereof. We have sometimes even managed to meet with the management of certain brokers at conferences or other seminars that are dedicated to finance and online trading professionals. The partnerships that we enjoy with the teams of binary options brokers allow us to directly escalate the problems that our traders face upon instant contact made on our behalf, with the aim of reaching a favorable outcome as quickly as possible.

Benefit from the guarantee

To take advantage of the guarantee, you simply need to open a trading account with one of the binary options brokers featured in our comparative chart of brokers. Once you have registered with such broker and made your deposit, you will automatically be eligible for the guarantee offered by our website to our readers and can benefit from our special partnerships that we enjoy with the brokers and receive our assistance in case of any problems encountered during your experience in the markets. The guarantee is free; it does not cost you anything. It is simply a protection service that we offer you as a thank you for your loyalty.

Intervene in case of problems encountered with a broker

To notify us of a problem encountered with one of the partner forex brokers, we invite you to contact our team through our “contact form”. Please provide your name and surname, as well as your e-mail address, your trading account number, the name of the broker that you are affiliated with, in addition to the nature of your problem and a detailed description thereof. Other additional information such as the dates of your previous contact with the broker in regards to your problem are welcome. Upon receipt of your inquiry, we are committed to follow up on the matter and respond as soon as possible. We also remind you that you can use the comment system of our website to voice your opinion on specific pages or articles pertaining to the broker that you are affiliated with.

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