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Our review on GTOptions

Complete test, guide & forum of the GTOptions broker

Please note that GTOptions accepts US resident traders.

GTOptions provides a professional, efficient and convivial platform for binary options trading. This online broker provides a remarkable quality of execution using the “SO Sot Options LTD” software developer technology.

Created in 2011, GTOptions is a new options broker that was able to create a particularly complete website that is rich in information and economic news. The GTOptions brand is the property of EUFALA INVESTMENTS LTD whose registered office is located in Cyprus.

Its serious and sleek design and wide variety of proposed options types (High / Low, One Touch, speed ??trading in 60 seconds …) make it a pleasant and complete broker for binary options trading.

The registration to GTOptions through allows you to enjoy an exclusive bonus of 150% (instead of 100%) in the amount of your first deposit.

Thanks to this genuine offer and guarantee of quality, GTOptions has quickly established itself as one of the most solicited brokers by conscientious inventors.

The relevance of the technical analyses of this platform and the accessibility of the English consulting team, available 24 hours a day 5 days a week via email, online chat or telephone, will provide you all the keys necessary to earn money via GTOptions.

We invite you to consult the test of the GtOptions platform established by our team.

You can also test GtOptions platform on your own because it is part of the brokers that offer a demo account to its clients.

You can also download the GtOptions Android application to be able to trade the underlying available assets from anywhere in order to take advantage of maximum opportunities at any moment. The GtOptions iPhone application is currently in development and is not available at the moment. The website is entirely compatible with Smartphone.

See below for the complete guide of GTOptions and share your opinion in the forum trader section situated at the bottom of the page.

Overview of the GTOptions platform

plateforme du courtier gtoptions

The guarantee of

Registering with the broker GTOptions through this website allows you to benefit from the guarantee. Our team is thus committed to helping you resolve any possible conflict with the online broker. If you encounter a problem with the broker, please contact us via the "contact" section. We are committed to providing you with a response within 24 hours. All the disputes that we have handled have reached a solution!

Characteristics of the binary option broker

 Minimum deposit amount in real money to open an account
Rate of
Maximum return on investment in high/low for a winning transaction
on loss
 Maximum return on loss in high/low for a losing trade
 Minimum investment amount to open a transaction
 Maximum investment amount to open a transaction
Possibility to trade free of charge on a demo money account within the same conditions as the real money one

Data sheet of the broker GTOptions

Number of Number of currency pairs traded by the broker (Example: EUR / USD, EUR / GBP ...)
forex pairs
Number of  Number of shares traded by the broker (Example: Facebook, Apple ...) shares Number of  Number of stock market indices traded by the broker (Example: CAC40, Dow Jones ...) indices Number of  Number of raw materials traded by the broker (Example: gold, oil ...) commodities Platform  Brand of trading technique platform used by the broker Speed Possibility of trading binary options with an expiration time of 60 seconds Trading High Consists of deciding whether the underlying asset will be above or below the initial price at the time of the expiration of the option
/ Low
One Consists of deciding whether the underlying asset will reach a previously defined quotation or not Touch Zone Consists of deciding whether the underlying asset will expire within a zone nearing the initial price, or outside of this zone
13 70 24 7 S.O sot options LTD

Bonus GTOptions

Bonusnegotiated by Best bonus offer negotiated by our team. Requires opening the account through to take advantage of the offer details of  Our detailed bonus offer according to the amounts of the deposits
our bonus
No deposit  Our detailed bonus offer according to the amounts of the deposits bonus
150 % instead of 100%

A bonus of 150% (instead of 100%) is applied for the first deposits.

No upper limit for the maximum bonus. No bonus for subsequent deposits.


Bonus code

No bonus code

How to use this bonus

The GTOptions broker does not use a bonus code. To take advantage of our exclusive bonus, simply open an account on GTOptions by clicking on one of the links on this website. Our bonus offer will be automatically acquired.

Conditions to withdraw the bonus

Bonus withdrawals are subject to conditions to prevent abuse (as explained in the home page under paragraph "how to release and withdraw a bonus"). GTOptions offers you the possibility to withdraw your bonus after trading 20 times the bonus + deposit amount. For example, to withdraw a $ 50 bonus that was offered to you after a deposit of $100, you must first have wagered 20 times the amount of 100+50= $150 or a total of $3000 from the volume of the cumulative transactions (regardless of the number, the selected products, and the size of the traded positions). Note that you have the possibility to refuse the bonus offer by reporting it to the customer service department by chat, email or telephone after the creation of your account.

Information on the brokerage firm GTOptions

The broker GTOptions is owned by the company EUFALA INVESTMENTS LTD and has been registered in Cyprus since 2011.

Head office address: Tassou papadopoulou 6  Flat 22 Agios Dometions Nicosia Cyprus 2373

Regulation of the broker GTOptions

The broker GToptions is not currently regulated by any authority. However, it has already submitted an application, it is waiting for a licence from the CySEC and to obtain the AMF and Banque de France guarantee. The CySEC is the Cyprus control authority (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).

Methods of deposits

You can deposit your funds by:
- credit card,
- bank transfer,
- Moneybookers,
- Nordea
- or CashU.

Withdrawal methods & conditions

You can withdraw your funds by credit card (No fee), bank transfer ($25 fees), check ($10 fees+postage expenses) or Moneybookers.
The minimum amount to withdraw from the capital is $100.
All withdrawal requests are processed between 1 and 5 working days, according to the whithdrawal method.

Demonstration video of the broker GTOptions

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GTOptions : Forum reviews

  1. Yoel said: 27/03/2013

    I find high payout on this brokers and also very good support from the team .its a pleasure to trades on this platform and receive real advice.

  2. john said: 03/06/2013

    They have great costumer service , this is the important thing.
    they have variety of trade options.
    I am with the ones that recommend this broker…

  3. DR said: 21/06/2013

    GT options is fraud.There is absolutley no way to get your money back.I already submitted for withdrawl request twice.Now they are asking me to contact chat , chat is asking me to contact account manager , he again pushes me to chat.No positive sign yet.I am trying for the last 2 months.

  4. Van said: 28/06/2013

    GTOptions is a scamer.

    They turned my winning trades to loosing trades, I’m a 60 seconds trader, the below is my story:

    I have bought a PUT option USD/JPY, the trade was executed on: 10:34:11 15/05/2013 at the rate 102.723 and at the expired time the pair dropped below 102.710, I thought that was 100% winning trade. But the dealer, they kept the position in 1 minute with no result displayed on the screen. After that, they changed the expired time to 10:35:05 15/05/2013 (instead of 10:35:11 15/05/2013) and the position expired at 102.726 as a loosing trade.
    I have sent many emails (more than 10 times) to them with a screenshot of that trade to ask them make an investigation and compensate for my lost. They never reply my emails.
    Do not trade with this scamer.

  5. james said: 29/06/2013

    This company “GToptions” is a fraud. more than 30 days after “withdrawal request”. still no funds. Cyprus sec — no listing. Website no registration address. whoiss- owner unlisted.
    Look at the website and find a office address. protect your credit card info. Avoid this broker!!!

  6. Lee said: 22/08/2013

    Please do not get involve with GToption. The broker is like gangster and just ask for deposit only. They promised you very good picture. they can loss out your deposit in mins. please don’t trust this broker and they brokers which claimed that they are very expert. but all bs. out of 5 trades lost 4 trades. when you have problem or request for withdrawal nobody will reply you.

  7. Nguyen said: 10/09/2013

    Be aware of this scam broker. Poor support, whenever you have an issued and try to contact them, nobody give you any reply, they ignor your emails.

  8. Roger said: 10/09/2013

    GTOPTIONS is a scam, first they lock up your account, not allowing you to trade, Next the brokers will starting calling you to add funds, if you don’t, your account remains locked out from trading. Ask for a withdrawal, the only news you’ll get is receiving an email saying that I’ve not meet the withdrawal requirements although it is met, there after no more news from them neither see your money to be withdrawal. Beware of this broker.

  9. anonymous said: 28/09/2013

    They have the worst senior expert broker team management ever, they screw client money and they won’t ever give your money back… they probably give a demo account balance and blow up client momey and keep the money for themselve as bonus..not a chance you getting money back.. they are fraud promotion. GToption should get a word from the sec anytime soon with their fraud promotion. They lose all my money in second.. ask for more depsoit blow it up…

  10. Johnny said: 03/10/2013

    The worst of the WORST don’t trust them, they should said we are “The most untrusted binary trader broker”, I had requested a withdrawal 20 days ago they said that they sent the money but the money doesn’t appear in my bank acc. instead I have asked for the confirmation number “tracking” they don’t provide me any, asked for their acc. department phone number, they don’t have it, they even took away the bonus money, because I requested a withdraw, they don’t give me any solution to this matter, instead they don’t answer my calls, please don’t trust them they are liars the worst of all in the binary trade business Be aware.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Gerd Nissen said: 18/11/2013

    Yes there is no way to get your money back. they continually want you to deposit more and more they win some then loose a lot and will not give even your investment back . Not even after 3 official requests. Have $11,000 invested with them now I have to agree with Johnny and many others who are in the same boat.. They are the worst and the biggest crooks…DO NOT INVEST WITH THEM

  12. Patricia said: 20/12/2013

    I also have lost 12000 in this so called trusted binary GTOPTIONS.
    If you read any and I mean any good reviews on this GTOPTIONS they are down right lying to you. Please do not let them take your money away like they did me. They will lose your money for you!!! They wil lie to you!!! DO NOT BELIEVE THEM or ANYONE ELSE THAT STATES THEY ARE FOR REAL!!!!
    I can not say it enough……BEWARE OF GTOPTIONS……DO NOT TRUST THEM….

  13. GTOptions said: 05/01/2014

    To any traders who have had issues regarding the deposit & withdrawal process and/or have general trading inquiries, we are here to facilitate a resolution. Our traders are very important to us and we take their satisfaction and our relationship with them seriously.

    Please email us at and include your Trader ID and the issue at hand.

    We look forward to helping you in these matters and hope to provide you with the same exceptional trading experience as enjoyed by thousands of satisfied GTOptions traders.

  14. Lisa said: 05/02/2014

    This company sucks! I made a deposit with my credit card 2 days later I decided I didn’t want to do any stock trades and something had come up so I needed my money. I put in for a withdrawal gave them EVERYTHING they require for a withdrawal asked that they put the money back on my card I had used it is 18 days later and they still have NOT given me my money. They had a broker call me to try and talk me out of withdrawing that was 9 days after I made the request. I went in and read my file they marked my withdrawal as a wire transfer then canceled. I should have done my homework everyone on the internet says they suck….well I’m with them GTOptions you suck. I will get my money back this is just a waste of time. I’m going to get the agencies that oversee them to do some investigating, maybe they’ll think twice about scamming the next person

  15. DR said: 10/03/2014

    GTOptions are a big cheat! I have now tried to withdraw my investments for the past 2 weeks and I’m getting a big run around! Luckily I only put in a small amount of money, as I wanted to test how the system works and how easy it would be to withdraw any funds! Well, the system does not work! I believe GTOptions is a big scam. I have today asked my lawyers to start an investigation and try to do something about their scam. Not easy, as they are based in Cyprus but we will give them a big shot! My Law firm has an Office in Cyprus!

  16. Kenneth Patterson said: 12/03/2014

    Company full of cooks. They will hold your withdrawal request until you get so tired of waiting that you can’t help but try and place trades because YOUR money is sitting in limbo. Then the hook is the so-called “bonus”. Make a withdrawal request and it stays “PENDING”. Then, they take the liberty of canceling the withdrawal and you have to make another request. How did this happen to me?

    It started when I made my deposit and was promised that a highly experienced broker would help me. After 24 hours and being talked into making the deposit — my “experienced” broker never called. Mind you it is March 12, 2014. I made my deposit on January 14, 2014 (and once I gave my “experienced” broker/trader a full 24 hours to respond; which he never did and I still haven’t talked to him since I made the initial deposit) I requested a withdrawal on January 15. All of my funds should have been in tact and “PENDING” as this is what their site does best. Not to mention; I do believe that the platform is rigged. It doesn’t carry real-time quotes or values and sometimes when you are ready to place a trade that you know will go in your favor ; then their platform kicks you out of log-in mode and mandates that you log-in again. Keep in mind, I saw the platform behind the “snake” pop-up log-in window. It’s almost as if they know you are about to place a winning trade.

    What burns me up about that is I’ve been kicked out of trades and also cheated out of several of them. The options expired showing that they were in the money. Their platform freezes on you as you are getting ready to place your trade. This causes unsuspecting traders to enter trades at faulty levels. It’s not their fault though. It’s a platform that plays like a carnival game worker. If I was trying to raise money and didn’t have any scruples — I would ask the GT Options platform programmers to design something for me that will take money fast. My only flaw is I have scruples and I can’t just take anybody’s money. Whether their money came easy or not; it’s theirs.

    Like many of the other review submissions in here; I am saying the same thing. Do not put any money in GT Options. They don’t play fair — anyone says different is a broker, good friend of theirs, employee, family, or an affiliate. This can be the only case and only logical explanation that I could come up with.

    I’ve read all of these reviews and it doesn’t matter to them what country you are from, they will rob you. They just won’t be robbing you at gunpoint, but give them the opportunity (deposit) to and they will. They don’t answer the phone consistently and they have terrible chat operators, but sometimes this is the only form of communication with them. They don’t always answer live chats either. First time you ask them a hard question about your money and stay on them; like cowards, they will leave the conversation. Beware. Do not waste your precious time and money. You will regret it if you deal with this company.

  17. anonym said: 07/08/2014

    I have opened an account with GToptions and sended a signed Trading agreement with exception mentioned NO BONUS OF THEM.
    I was winning.
    Then my account was deactivated then reactivated then deactivated and now they blocked my account.I have called them a guy named Willem van Dijk. The man is not resonding. Called hunderds time nobody is answering. None department is answering. I am winning with the trades I have bought.
    GToptions mothercompany is FUNline Trading Ltd in Cyprus.
    All people whom has got problems with GToptions must put an complaint at CYSEC, they are controlling the rules and regulations By MiFID and wheather licences are used well by brokers.

    Whomever wants to join or wants more details let me know.

  18. nz trader said: 29/08/2014

    Brokers are full of shit and useless also I was winning a trade when it expires I lost for some fucked up reason

  19. anoniem said: 02/10/2014

    GT options is fraud.There is absolutley no way to get your money back.

  20. anonymous said: 14/10/2014

    At present I am having a heck ot a time getting my money back from these people. I joined Gtoptions in July when I saw that I was not doing well I asked for a withdrawal received a call from my broker who advised not to do so I stupidly agreed and decided to continue only to get a call from said broker asking for more money using the name of a third party affiliated to them what I did not know was they were giving me bonuses without my knowledge after realizing I was loosing money I completed the withdrawal form only to be told that because of bonuses I cannot withdraw my money. First the broker lied they reassigned me another one who does not return my phone calls. My only redress is to contact a lawyer to get my money back. These people are untrustworthy bordering on unethical. My only regret is that I did not read all the reviews. Any one thinking of putting money with this out fit should read all the reviews. They have made my life a living hell.

  21. Bob said: 05/03/2015

    GTOptions, WOW what a bunch of bloody SCAMMERS, I have done every thing they asked of me to withdraw my money from my GTOptions account, and yet I am still getting so called BROCKERS calling me day and night trying to get me to play, they are very, very good at being These people are untrustworthy bordering on unethical and dame liars . My only regret is that I did not read all the reviews. Any one thinking of putting money with this out fit should read all the reviews. I am convinced it is a huge SCAM.

  22. Bob said: 05/03/2015

    Has anybody from New Zealand been scammed by GTOptions, I would be keen to find out, I am also going to write a letter to GTOptions countries head of State. Would any body mind if I copy there blog to send to the Authorities???


  23. ris said: 12/05/2015

    im glad i come across this review. Im fairly new in the game and am sort of looking around for a trustworthy broker and ive just received a call from a GTOption manager wanting to know when i would do the deposit. But, after seeing all these positive reviews I think Ill move on to another broker Thanks for the advice guys

  24. Chung said: 07/09/2016

    Bad experience as they took away your balance and don’t allow you to terminate and refund under their polic. I have report to UK Police Fraud Action according. Hope all who are victims can do the same.

  25. Heng said: 25/10/2016

    Got burnt of USD$11,000 in a week because of a moment of folly.

    Their scam works by asking you to deposit with promises of matching bonuses. After which, you are to blindly follow the broker’s order to blindly trade (mine was a person named David) and you will see losses after each string of trades to the point that the account is zero. They will also ask you to put up some long positions. I have emailed to them, they reply was you have zero dollars and to withdraw you must trade 30 times your deposit plus the matching bonuses!

    So USD$22k x 30 times of trades before you can withdraw. Can it happen? Of course not! You need 1887 trades for that to happen assuming USD$350 per trade.

    My disaster is your lesson learnt. Please spread the word around so that no one else will get conned again. My folly not to do a background check first. And surprising Facebook has their advertisement and Visa and MasterCard cannot do anything about these illegal transactions.


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