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Our review on OneTwoTrade

Complete test, guide & forum of the OneTwoTrade broker

Please note that OneTwoTrade doesn’t accept US resident traders.

OneTwoTrade offers a simple, efficient and friendly platform to make investments through online binary options. This broker uses the “SpotOptions” programmer technology due to its performance qualities on the market. It must be be noted that this broker uses a different and unusual manner of displaying the dashboard of their trading platform. This is appreciated!

We invite you to consult the test of the OneTwoTrade platform established by our team. 

You can also test this platform on your own because OneTwoTrade is part of the brokers that offer a demo account to its clients.

Created in 2011, OneTwoTrade is a relatively recent options broker that has managed to create a particularly complete website rich in information and economic news. The OneTwoTrade brand is the property of Up and Down Marketing (headquartered in Cyprus) with operations centre in London. It is a real transparency brand with skilled consultants and technicians located in the heart of the capital of England. If you are visiting London, you will have the opportunity to greet your consultant by visiting him / her in the OneTwoTrade offices located in 9-13 Aldgate High Street on the 4th floor (“The Matrix”) in London.

One Two Trade is a broker that is regulated by the Maltese authority “LGA”. Note also that the website of the platform has elaborate explanations of the general sales conditions and methods of payouts and unlocking of bonuses and various information deemed useful to the trader: a great sign of transparency and professionalism!

OneTwoTrade offers 51 different trading instruments with 13 shares, 12 Forex pairs, 22 indices and 4 commodities.

The inscription on OneTwoTrade through will allow you to enjoy an exclusive bonus of 150% (instead of 50%) on the amount of your first deposit.

Thanks to this attractive offer, its wide range of options (high / low, zone, one touch speedtrading …) and its location in the heart of London, One Two Trade has quickly become one of the best online brokers specializing in binary option.

The technical analysts’ experience of the markets and location in the heart of London (videos available on their website are made in their offices daily and will deliver their analysis of the daily market), as well as the relevance of English advisors available 24h / 24 and 7d / 7 by email, telephone or online chat will provide you with real-time access to market sensitive information to make money on OneTwoTrade.

You can also download the OneTwoTrade iPhone application in order to be able to negotiate the various assets anywhere to take advantage of every moment of maximum market opportunities. The website is also compatible with mobile phones.

See below the complete OneTwoTrade guide and feel free to provide your feedback on your experience with this broker in the forum section at the bottom of the page.

Overview of the OneTwoTrade platform

Onetwotrade platform

The guarantee of

Registering with the broker OneTwoTrade through this website allows you to benefit from the guarantee. Our team is thus committed to helping you resolve any possible conflict with the online broker. If you encounter a problem with the broker, please contact us via the "contact" section. We are committed to providing you with a response within 24 hours. All the disputes that we have handled have reached a solution!

Characteristics of the binary option broker

 Minimum deposit amount in real money to open an account
Rate of
Maximum return on investment in high/low for a winning transaction
on loss
 Maximum return on loss in high/low for a losing trade
 Minimum investment amount to open a transaction
 Maximum investment amount to open a transaction
Possibility to trade free of charge on a demo money account within the same conditions as the real money one

Data sheet of the broker OneTwoTrade

Number of Number of currency pairs traded by the broker (Example: EUR / USD, EUR / GBP ...)
forex pairs
Number of  Number of shares traded by the broker (Example: Facebook, Apple ...) shares Number of  Number of stock market indices traded by the broker (Example: CAC40, Dow Jones ...) indices Number of  Number of raw materials traded by the broker (Example: gold, oil ...) commodities Platform  Brand of trading technique platform used by the broker Speed Possibility of trading binary options with an expiration time of 60 seconds Trading High Consists of deciding whether the underlying asset will be above or below the initial price at the time of the expiration of the option
/ Low
One Consists of deciding whether the underlying asset will reach a previously defined quotation or not Touch Zone Consists of deciding whether the underlying asset will expire within a zone nearing the initial price, or outside of this zone
12 13 22 4 SpotOption

Bonus OneTwoTrade

Bonusnegotiated by Best bonus offer negotiated by our team. Requires opening the account through to take advantage of the offer details of  Our detailed bonus offer according to the amounts of the deposits
our bonus
No deposit  Our detailed bonus offer according to the amounts of the deposits bonus
150% instead of 50%

A first deposit bonus of 150% (instead of 50%) is applied. No upper limit for the maximum bonus. No bonus for subsequent deposits.


Bonus code

No bonus code

How to use this bonus

To obtain your 150% negotiated bonus by, you don't need a bonus code. To take advantage of our exclusive bonus, simply follow the further steps:
- Open a free account on OneTwoTrade by clicking on one of the links on,
- Make a deposit,
- Contact the customer service or your account manager,
- Our bonus offer will be credited to your account in 24 hours maximum.

Conditions to withdraw the bonus

Bonus withdrawals are subject to conditions to prevent abuse (as explained in the home page under paragraph "how to release and withdraw a bonus"). OneTwoTrade offers you the possibility to withdraw your bonus after trading 15 times the bonus + deposit amount. For example, to withdraw a $ 50 bonus that was offered to you after a deposit of $100, you must first have wagered 15 times the amount of 100+50= $150 or a total of $2250 from the volume of the cumulative transactions (regardless of the number, the selected products, and the size of the traded positions). Note that you have the possibility to refuse the bonus offer by reporting it to the customer service department by chat, email or telephone after the creation of your account.

Information on the brokerage firm OneTwoTrade

The broker OneTwoTrade belongs to the company Up & Down Marketing LTD since 2011.

The OneTwoTrade head office is in Malta (Suite 2, psaila Street, St. Venera, SVR 9017 Malta) and its operation center is in London (9-13 Aldgate High Street, The Matrix, 4th floor, City of London (EC3N 1AH)).

Regulation of the broker OneTwoTrade

The broker OneTwoTrade is being regulated by the LGA.The LGA is the Malta control authority (Lotteries and Gaming Authority).

Methods of deposits

You can deposit your funds by:
- credit card,
- bank transfer,
- Moneybookers.

Withdrawal methods & conditions

You can withdraw your funds by credit card, bank transfer or Moneybookers. There is no withdrawal fee unless the request is made for a wire transfer when the amount in the account is less than 200Euros. The fee is then $39.The minimum amount to withdraw from the capital is $100. All withdrawal requests are processed between 1 and 5 working days, according to the withdraw method.

Demonstration video of the broker OneTwoTrade

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OneTwoTrade : Forum reviews

  1. Mike Lancelow said: 13/05/2013

    I have been trading with this broker for over 3 months now, and I’m been very impressed with the overall experience. My personal manager Graig has been nothing but great!

  2. Matthew Piper said: 26/07/2013

    Absolutely disgusting company, cannot process withdrawals within the time period promised, you email they offer no response to tell you why the delay has occurred – just no response at all. Company has only robotic answers when you can get through on the phone…sorry for the delay but I do not work in the finance department (no one from the finance department is ever available) the only point of reference is Kerry which in itself tells you it’s a mickey mouse company. Kerry also does not respond to emails. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

  3. Sherry Cruise said: 06/10/2014

    Well, I have to be fair to OneTwoTrade at this point. I did get my £1000 money back (eventually) that I had deposited. after several stroppy e-mails This was after having wagered more than that amount in trades as per their Terms and Conditions. I got he money back to the credit card that I had funded the account with. So I am now in fact trading with the bonus money that they gave me when I deposited the £1000. Yeah bet on markets looks better with higher payouts and the ability to create bespoke options expires.

  4. Tim Warren said: 22/10/2014

    This is interesting. I would definitely love to hear from someone who has worked with them. I’m looking for a nice way to invest a little bit and make a little bit in binary options trading.

  5. Genarro G said: 27/10/2014

    I’m trading with OneTwoTrade since the beginning of this year and so far I enjoy this great platform!

  6. Joe said: 13/11/2014

    Binary options trading with OneTwoTrade is as simple as it gets. All one needs to do is open an account, make a deposit and start executing trades.

  7. Eric said: 25/11/2014

    I find it exciting to trade binary options at OneTwoTrade because every day brings new and interesting challenges.

  8. E Payne said: 10/12/2014

    Binary options trading is one of the most popular trading strategies. It not only reduces your exposure to risk, but also maximizes returns. However, before you start focusing on this trading strategy, you need to understand the importance of trading signals, and choosing a good broker. OneTwoTrade is on its way to becoming to number one binary options broker.

  9. Angel Rose said: 22/01/2015

    You’ll only profit if you actually know what you’re doing with binaries. You need strategy, discipline, patience and not be greedy to win.

  10. Shirley Moore said: 23/01/2015

    Binary options trading with OneTwoTrade has for a few years now been an enjoyable pastime for me. It enables me to put my money to work in the fast growing binary options market.

  11. Ron Hamilton said: 28/01/2015

    Excellent and comprehensive review. The great thing about OneTwoTrade is they provide generous sign up bonuses – sometimes as high as 100% on your initial deposits. The gives you the opportunity to earn much higher returns trading binary options than your initial invested capital would normally allow.

  12. Joyce Pierce said: 03/02/2015

    Been trading with OneTwoTrade for almost a year now and it’s been a roller coaster ride. So far, the wins outweigh the losses and I’ve earned quite a sum already. Thanks OneTwoTrade!

  13. Jordan Smith said: 05/02/2015

    OneTwoTrade is a binary option business, meaning that there are many problems that arise each day – improving the software as well as assuring that the trading platform is fully functional and working properly for the clients. As their programmer, I enjoy working in an environment that kept me on my feet and provided me with challenges when I was working.

  14. Paul J said: 10/02/2015

    One Two Trade is the best binary options platform there is in the Internet. The staff are very professional and show genuine concern whenever I get in touch with them. Kudos!

  15. Wang Yu said: 12/02/2015

    The interface of OneTwoTrade is very easy to use. I’ve learn to navigate it in just half a day! Now, I’m earning legit money online.

  16. AR said: 17/02/2015

    I’ve earned more than enough in 3 months time and so I must say that OneTwoTrade is a legitimate binary options trading platform. Thanks for the review.

  17. Tracy Yu said: 23/02/2015

    I successfully deposited and withdrew from OneTwoTrade. I’ve been doing business with them for over 2 years now as my credible binary options trading platform. They are regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, so no scam is being manipulated here. I am impressed by my account manager who is always there to guide and help me. I highly recommend this binary options broker.

  18. Steve Chase said: 11/03/2015

    In any case, I gave myself three months to raise the capital that I need to start my business. With OneTwoTrade I have almost raised everything that I need in just under a month. I cannot recommend this system enough to anybody who understands the market well enough to place bids on it. Not every bet will be a winner, but if you’re clever then a majority will be.

  19. Nigel hargrave said: 17/03/2015

    I have been wth one two trade just on a month now.
    The problem im having is I live in AUSTRALIA so thr timin atn difference makes this very hard to get my trades In at end of day.
    im also finding that my trading platform looks alot different to those advertised on there Internet websites, and find my broker to be only concerned in making money rather then to want to guide me through the systems.
    Is the money showing up in my account or just monopoly money, go figure

  20. Dinesh said: 21/04/2015

    How to transfer the money back to my own account from onetwotrade account?

  21. John Strong said: 01/05/2015

    OneTwoTrade is a scamming company. They have easily build a system to take out your money out of your account and give you nothing but lies. Do not cooperate with them. You will lose everything.

  22. Vince Cruise said: 14/10/2015

    I am happy with the result when it comes to my fund’s deposit and withdrawal from OneTwoTrade after the trading activity. No delays! I have been dealing with them for 2 years already and I decided that this is my only binary options trading platform to use from now on. I can guarantee that there is no scam is happening here because they are strictly regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta. I am impressed by the account manager they have provided for my trading duration to help and guide me. I highly recommend this binary options broker to the hopeful traders.

  23. Rafzen Mallo said: 05/11/2015

    Let’s say that I am one of those experienced traders and I posted this base from my trading sessions. Onetwotrade is my partner in winning trades. You’ll know what I mean if you too will invest with them.

  24. Anne Len said: 09/11/2015

    Onetwotrade is legal and gave me enough opportunities to double up my money everytime. They are not a scamming company since they are regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority in Malta.

  25. m said: 25/11/2015

    Do not fall into their trap.. who ever has written good is their own scam team. They will pull out your money in all the ways.. This One Two trade and Walter Green free money system has stolen around USD7000 from me…Might be fake names, but the names dealt with me are Vladislav Stolentney, Duke etc.. stay away and stay safe… Let God destroy this cheaters..

  26. Wilfredo Uy said: 16/02/2016

    I have been following One Two Trade on Facebook and Twitter for long time already. I like their pages and information they put there. They are always up to date, and I learn a lot from the data they are posting there. I think I will give a try and start betting in binary options as well. I spoke to One Two Trade financial advisor two times. The One Two Trade website has a chat window, so you can chat to OTT representatives live. I spoke to somebody called Mia. She gave me a detailed information about the company. It is well regulated and well organised. Mia also talked about binary options trading. All you need to do is invest $250. You can win up 80%. You do not need to buy stocks either. So, what you lose is only your initial deposit. But Mia assured me that if I listened to One Two Trade financial advisors and brokers, chances that I ever lose are very slim.


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