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Royal de Bank

  • 1 Reviews
  • Regular bonusdeposit $500
  • Negotiated bonusdeposit $200
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Our review on Royal de Bank

Complete test, guide and forum of the Royal de Bank broker

Please note that Royal de Bank doesn’t accept US resident traders.

Royal de Bank is a traditional broker created in 2010. Its headquarters are located in Luxembourg.

With a design that is reminiscent of the investment funds and asset management firms, Royal de Bank offers its customers a maximum performance of 98% through the binary option broker with the highest return rate in the market.

Royal de Bank is not currently a regulated broker. However it has already submitted an application and is waiting for its Cysec licence.

Royal de Bank offers an efficient platform for binary options trading using the technology of HelloBinary.

Royal de Bank offers 46 different trading instruments (that include 15 shares, 18 Forex pairs, 8 indices and 5 raw materials) and the possibility to use the high / low option.

The inscription on Royal de Bank through allows you to exclusively take advantage of a minimum deposit of $ 200 (instead of $ 500).

Royal de Bank (some refer to it as “Royaldebanque”) offers real training in trading via instructional videos, an eBook on fundamental principles, investment strategies using options, daily analyses and unlimited access to the platform. This broker also offers you the opportunity to start trading with no risk thanks to a demo account.

Their learning resources combined with the advice of their English experienced customer service available 24h out of 24 and 7d out of 7 by email, online chat or telephone will allow you access to maximum information in order to make money on Royal de Bank.

In addition, this broker offers accounts for all levels and for different amounts of investment: Micro account (from 200 Dollars thanks to the offer negotiated by, Medium account, Gold account, Royal Club Medium and Royal Club Gold.

The Royal de Bank iPhone application and the Royal de Bank Android application are currently in development and are not available at the moment, however the website is entirely compatible with Smartphone.

It should be noted that the delay for withdrawals could sometimes exceed the deadline indicated by your advisor. (see our dedicated page “Fast withdrawals“)

See below for a complete guide of Royal de Bank and testify as to your level of satisfaction with this broker in the forum section located at the bottom of the page.

Overview of the Royal de Bank platform

royal de bank platform

The guarantee of

Registering with the broker Royal de Bank through this website allows you to benefit from the guarantee. Our team is thus committed to helping you resolve any possible conflict with the online broker. If you encounter a problem with the broker, please contact us via the "contact" section. We are committed to providing you with a response within 24 hours. All the disputes that we have handled have reached a solution!

Characteristics of the binary option broker

 Minimum deposit amount in real money to open an account
Rate of
Maximum return on investment in high/low for a winning transaction
on loss
30 %
 Maximum return on loss in high/low for a losing trade
 Minimum investment amount to open a transaction
 Maximum investment amount to open a transaction
Possibility to trade free of charge on a demo money account within the same conditions as the real money one

Data sheet of the broker Royal de Bank

Number of Number of currency pairs traded by the broker (Example: EUR / USD, EUR / GBP ...)
forex pairs
Number of  Number of shares traded by the broker (Example: Facebook, Apple ...) shares Number of  Number of stock market indices traded by the broker (Example: CAC40, Dow Jones ...) indices Number of  Number of raw materials traded by the broker (Example: gold, oil ...) commodities Platform  Brand of trading technique platform used by the broker Speed Possibility of trading binary options with an expiration time of 60 seconds Trading High Consists of deciding whether the underlying asset will be above or below the initial price at the time of the expiration of the option
/ Low
One Consists of deciding whether the underlying asset will reach a previously defined quotation or not Touch Zone Consists of deciding whether the underlying asset will expire within a zone nearing the initial price, or outside of this zone
18 15 8 5 HelloBinary

Bonus Royal de Bank

Bonusnegotiated by Best bonus offer negotiated by our team. Requires opening the account through to take advantage of the offer details of  Our detailed bonus offer according to the amounts of the deposits
our bonus
No deposit  Our detailed bonus offer according to the amounts of the deposits bonus
deposit $200 instead of deposit $500

200 $ minimum deposit (instead of 500$) for the visitors exclusively.

No deposit bonus. Demo account of 50 000$.


Bonus code

No bonus code

How to use this bonus

The Royal De Bank broker does not use a bonus code. To take advantage of our exclusive bonus, simply open an account on Royal de Bank by clicking on one of the links on this website. Our bonus offer will be automatically acquired.

Conditions to withdraw the bonus

Royal de Bank doesn't offer bonus, no conditions to be told.

Information on the brokerage firm Royal de Bank

The company Royal de Bank has been registered in Luxembourg in 2010.

Head office address: 29 rue des Bains 1212 LUXEMBOURG

Regulation of the broker Royal de Bank

The broker Royal de Bank is not currently regulated by any authority. However it has already submitted an application and is waiting for its licence and for obtaining the AMF and Banque de France guarantee.

Methods of deposits

You can deposit your funds by:
- credit card,
- bank transfer
- or CashU.

Withdrawal methods & conditions

You can withdraw your funds in 5 or 7 days if the deposit was made via credit card and at least 7 days if the deposit was made via other means of payment.
Withdrawals in 48 hours for the Royal Club Members (via credit card or bank transfer).
No fee will be charged for withdrawals.

Demonstration video of the broker Royal de Bank

Royal de Bank does not have any video. A demonstration video of the trading on the online platform of Royal de Bank will be available on our website as soon as the broker has established one.

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Press Release about Royal De Bank

Royal de Bank: a trusted broker (Release transmitted by the broker Royal de Bank) “Royal de Bank is not only a reputable bank, but also a very trusted broker.  Their success as a financial firm is credited more to their superb customer service.  They see to it that all their clients are given a special […]

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Royal de Bank : Forum reviews

  1. Anthony Finks said: 17/04/2013

    Royal de Bank is a one of a kind broker platform. I have received a special VIP treatment with a highly experienced financial adviser and great advantages for my trading volume. The service is great, and my profits are soaring, thank you very much!

  2. anonymous said: 28/09/2013

    They have the poor customer service ever.. you won’t ever going get your money back once you deposit..

  3. Evan B said: 13/11/2013

    Royal de Bank ignores every attempt I make at contacting them. I’ve sent numerous emails, tried their 24/7 chat and tried calling. NOTHING! Do not deposit at Royal de Bank, they seem to be thieves. Also, they have a spread that is unpredictable and you never know what your entry price will be going into a trade. I haven’t traded there in 6 months and somehow am up over 300%! Sure wish I could get my $!!!!!

  4. Kevin said: 05/12/2013

    Royal de Bank gave me the opportunity to invest and make profits. I traded with Eric Montiel and after 4 months I got back the amount of the investment and kept trading with the rest. I am quite happy I invested on this plateforme and not another one when I hear what happens on the other one

  5. unhappy depositor said: 08/01/2014

    sir, I have numerous email to the staff of royadebank and also to you as well, but it seems you guys just ignore my email… since serving client is not your priority and robbing them is your business… I would now have to move forward to file complaint with CFTC and CY SEC… its not fair to deposit money to a broker and get stolen… its just a small amount left.. I wish to get it refund..

    • Admin said: 08/01/2014

      hello, if you don’t have any answer from our team it’s because we didn’t receive any email from you. did you open your account by Bonusbinaryoptions ? If yes, you will benefit from our guarantee and I will resolve the problem directly with Royaldebank. Let me know.

  6. unhappy depositor said: 09/01/2014

    No sir it was copy message for complaint to royal de bank staff…to help others who do not wish to get their money stolen, from this company.. after all the complaint they finally say,
    Hello, Hope you are doing fine. We are glad to let you know , that your request for a withdraw has been accepted. But its not guarantee…In order to do the transfer, can you please send us the following documents…etc, etc.. the thing is they exist is just that they ignore you so you just give up and let them have your money… very poor service..

  7. John said: 27/05/2014

    I cannot get my money back!!!!! The account manager named “Camille” sent me an e-mail and told me to stop trading after I gained $190 on top of the $200 I did deposit, she told me that I am doing a great job but she still needs me to deposit $1000 in order to gain access to her training, she wants me to succeed!!! What a hell does she wants me to succeed for if I made $190 in one day???? Thieves!!!! No phone answers, not a single phone from their site is working!

  8. Ian said: 26/06/2014

    A 100% SCAM UNREGULATED BROKER!!! I cannot withdrawal even my deposit of $200, not to mention the 180$ I did profit, in total I have $380 in my account. Today I did reordered two phone calls from Royaldebank with account manager Camille, I will post a link later after I will upload the call on the youtube. She has declined my withdrawals 3 times in a row. When she calls me to ask me for more deposits she is calling from a “Private or unknown number”

  9. Ian said: 02/07/2014

    This is the last e-mail i’ve sent them after they declined my withdrawal requests 5 times in a row!!!

    You may treat my e-mails as “BULLSHIT” OR “BLACKMAILLING” as that does not change anything because there is no evidence as my e-mails classify as you mentioned, your terms and conditions apply only to yourself as I did not “check” any buttons before signing up with an account or when I did deposit the money, ON YOUR WEBSITE YOU HAVE TWO DIFFERENT PAGES WITH “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” so you are falsifying your own terms and conditions by not informing your traders.

    Now I placed few trades NOT to get my money out BUT rather to record and show to the WORLD how you are INFLATING THE PRICE BY 0.00070 PIPS on an option that expires within 15Min, that is impossible to move 7 pips per 15 Minutes 95% of the time because there isn’t enough volatility , and secondly you are INFLATING THE PRICE BY 0.00140 pips when you place a trade with its expiry time by the end of the day. I am screen recording my screen now and you will see what happens next. Strange but this did not happen on my first day of trading as I did trade the options at the Market Price without you inflating the prices, and since you’ve noticed my high experience you have started playing around with me.

    The MINIMUM trade size should be $15 as it is in you TERMS AND CONDITIONS and NOT $50 as it is in my case!

    SO GUYS YOUR ARE CREATIND AN ENVIRONMENT WHICH IS ACTING AGAINST YOUR TRADERS NOT IN THEIR FAVOURS, this is considered a SCAM IN A MODERN WORLD!!! Its enough to trade 7 days and no Trader will get their money back, because this is impossible to happen when you inflate the prices!!!

    And lastly, show me a phone number on site that is working properly, yes it is true, not a single phone number is working because you are tired to answer so many phone calls from all your traders you have stolen their money!!!

    Good luck and enjoy your last few weeks of Royaldebank SCAM!!!

  10. Khan said: 01/09/2014

    They have disappeared.

  11. Matt said: 01/09/2014

    Royaldebank website is offline. It was effectively a scam website.

  12. shahab said: 21/10/2014

    They have gone with my 500 euros in their pocket. I new straigh away after deposit that they were not bank they were some one setting in their home in eastern Europ purporting to be in Luximberg. There are still few dirty fishes in the market not spoted yet.

  13. Hisham Abu Assi said: 21/12/2014

    Royal de Bank A 100% SCAM UNREGULATED BROKER!!! Royaldebank website is offline.They are ignoring me I have funds in the account $1250 and I am unable to speak with anyone from Royal de Bank.Not a single phone number is active from their website,I cannot withdrawal my deposit. They have completely given me the cold shoulder and I’m afraid I’ve lost my $1250 , DO NOT TRUST THEM.


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