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The Interactive Option binary options broker is a broker that is regulated by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission), the European regulatory agency based in Cyprus that is responsible for overseeing the financial industry at the European level. The Interactive Option broker is a trademark owned by the company K.J.W. Krisworld, an institution founded eight years ago in 2005 by two former traders in partnership with a Kuwaiti investment fund; this company has obtained the license number 225 / 14 of the CySEC, thus making the Interactive Option broker a regulated broker within the European territory, henceforth reflecting its quality, transparency and seriousness.

About the Interactive Option broker

As we have just previously mentioned, Interactive Option is a broker that is on the list of regulated brokers; its trading platform was developed by the specialist of the SpotOption binary options software and provides traders with the possibility to speculate on binary options with maturities of 60 seconds, hence offering a yield of up to 85%. The list of trading instruments is very varied and most importantly very comprehensive with Interactive Option; traders have the opportunity to invest and earn money on 226 different products consisting of 27 forex currency pairs, 134 shares from publicly-listed companies, 54 international stock indices and 11 raw materials. The CySEC license granted to the Interactive Option broker is a guarantee of quality; this authorization of the European financial regulator is synonymous for traders with a safe experience in the world of binary options and provided the broker with a certain credibility. It should also be noted that traders receive a certain reassurance with this broker because in addition to being a binary options platform for computers, a binary options platform for telephones is also being offered. The provision of educational resources such as video supports and ebooks should also appeal to less experienced novice traders.


The binary options platform

–  Standard Binary Options

This relates to the traditional binary options. The goal of the trader is to guess if the price of a trading instrument in question will be above or below the current price level before a predetermined maturity ranging from 30 minutes to 12 hours depending on preferences.

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– Long-Term Binary Options

Contrary to the 60-second binary options, these binary options are intended for traders with long-term earning targets. It is usually possible to speculate on binary options with maturities of up to one month with most binary options brokers. Interactive Option herein stands apart from the competition by offering traders maturities of up to one year!

interactiveoption longterm

– 60-second Binary Options

This type of binary options is often used when the market is volatile. Also known as “speed trading”, this binary option is comparable to the standard binary options. The trader herein aim to predict whether the price will lie above or below the current rate within 60 seconds. These binary options are very much appreciated by traders given that it makes it possible to earn money quickly. Besides, the outcome of the trade is also known quickly.

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–  One Touch Binary Options

These binary options offer up to 500% yield; traders take a position herein on weekends when the market is closed and must predict whether the price of the asset in question will or will not affect the threshold of the price determined by the platform before the end of the week (the following Friday evening), in case a trader can accurately multiply his initial investment by five.

interactiveoption onetouch

– Options Pairs

Thereby the goal of the trader is to compare two shares one against the other, such as two stocks. In our example, we have taken the shares of BNP and Barclays banks. Accordingly, we must predict which stock will give the most profit before a given maturity. The yield on investment of in pairs binary options is 80%.

interactiveoption pairs

Trading on mobile devices

In addition to the traditional binary options platform (such as webtrader) reserved for PC users, a trading platform for mobile telephones was also designed by the developers of the Interactive Option broker. The platform for smartphones is available for traders using Android telephones or tablets, as well as for users of iPhone or iPad using the iOS operating system. The Interactive Option broker took care to develop this binary options platform for users of mobile devices in order to allow them to speculate on the market at any time but above all from wherever they are located, whether from the bus, at work or even in the street. A simple connection to the internet via 3G or Wi-Fi will allow users to take a position on the market and take advantage of the binary options profitability of the Interactive Option broker of up to 85%.

interactive option mobile

Types of trading accounts

Depending on the profile of traders, the Interactive Option binary options broker offers traders 4 types of trading accounts. The choice of trading account is not made by the trader, but will be assigned according to its deposit amount.

interactiveoption account types

– The Blue account

This trading account gives the right to certain benefits; in addition to the basic trading conditions mentioned throughout this review of the Interactive Option broker, the first two reimbursed losing trades will be reimbursed and the trader will benefit from an online training course for the purpose of teaching him to use the trading platform. The Blue trading account is assigned to traders whose deposit is less than $ 1,000.

– The Silver account

Traders who fund their trading account in an amount between $ 1,000 and $ 4,500 will have a Silver trading account The same advantages as those granted to the Blue account can be found with this binary options account besides other additional advantages, such as the provision of weekly financial analyzes, access to 3 free webinars as well as trading signals sent once a day via e-mail.

– The Gold account

Traders who wish to deposit between $ 4,500 and $ 10,000 with the Interactive Option broker will receive a Gold type account. They will not be entitled to 2 reimbursed losing trades but to 3 transactions at the expense of the broker in case of any losses. The financial analyzes are sent to the traders who have this trading account twice a week, in addition to trading signals three times a day. Access to 5 webinars is also provided for Gold accounts in addition to a dedicated adviser who shall remain at the trader’s disposal.

– The Platinum account

It is reserved for traders with the most capital making a deposit of $ 10,000 to $ 50,000 when opening an Interactive Option account. In addition to the benefits of the previous accounts, traders will have hereby the right to $ 500 of offered bonuses instead of losing trades, daily analyzes, trading signals by sms as well as unlimited access to all the webinars of the broker.

Deposits and withdrawals

The Interactive Option broker offers various deposit options to its traders; this relates to secure and reliable means to carry out transactions that we find with all the regulated binary options brokers, hence including deposits by MasterCard, Maestro and Visa credit cards. The use of electronic portfolios is also a solution available to traders with this Interactive Option broker; we’re talking here about essential Skrill / Moneybookers and PayPal, all this in addition to the traditional bank wires through banks with which the broker maintains a business relationship. The withdrawal of earnings is as easy as making deposits that serve to fund the trading account. The exact same means of carrying out transactions can be used to recover one’s money. Also note that the team of the Interactive Option broker will process requests for withdrawals of earnings within 48 hours thus enabling traders to have quick access their money.

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Customer Service

The Interactive Option broker has a particularly effective customer service department; the employees of the broker in charge of assisting traders are always ready to help novice traders as well as the most experienced traders and are available to clients 24 / 24 h, 5 / 7 d. Traders have the possibility to get in touch with the binary options support specialists of the Interactive Option broker via email, telephone or simply via Live Person chat, thus allowing them to communicate instantly via the internet browser. To get in touch with representatives of the broker simply provide your user name and e-mail in addition to a message to the broker. Traders are accustomed to asking questions relating to the platform, the trading account, trading conditions, educational resources, the broker’s regulations (regulation) to deposits and withdrawals of earnings. The support will prove particularly effective for these common subjects. Also note that the online support can assist you in French but also in other languages that are fluently spoken languages with this broker such as English, German, Arabic and Russian.

interactive option assistance

A negotiated bonus on deposit

style=”text-align: left;”>The Interactive Option broker may grant bonuses under normal circumstances to its new traders at the opening of a binary options account. Generally, the broker makes it possible to obtain 40% when the trading account is funded with at least $ 500. Our team was able to exclusively negotiate for our readers exceptional bonuses on deposit with this broker. For example, the 40% bonus offered to traders who make a deposit of at least $ 500 will be granted for lower deposits. A 100 % bonus instead of 40% for every deposit of $ 500 or more will also be available at the opening of an Interactive Option account through this website. The major advantage of the negotiated bonus with the Interactive Option allows to directly double one’s initial deposit and to start trading in binary options with an amount of money two times more significant than one’s initial investment. Hence, the trader can bet twice as much if desired to obtain yields that are twice as high.

The BonusBinaryOptions.net guarantee

Opening an Interactive Option trading account through this website allows you to take advantage of the bonusbinaryoptions.net guarantee. The guarantee that we offer to our readers provides additional benefit in addition to the security that the regulators give. It makes it possible to benefit from the assistance of our team in the event of any conflict or problem with a broker. Various disadvantages may arise in the course of our trading experience in the world of binary options; this may simply relate to trading conditions (for example a poor execution of the anticipated trades, a blocking or a bug in the platform that would affect our trades, …). It can also involve withdrawals of earnings in some cases. In case of any concern of this type encountered with a broker, the trader would not have to initiate long and arduous administrative steps with regulators. Before using drastic measures and upon your request, we will provide you with our support and assist you in order to quickly resolve the misunderstanding in question.

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