CySEC warns traders against the NRGbinary broker

avertissement CySEC nrg binary

A few days ago, we discussed the warning that CySEC officially published on its website against the TraderXP binary options broker in order to protect investors who are directed to this broker or who are considering to deposit funds with the objective to speculate the financial markets through binary options to make money.

This type of warning is beginning to be widespread and is less and less uncommon. The regulator of the Cypriot financial markets prevails more and more and publishes a second official statement in which it warns traders against another binary options broker. This time, it relates to NRGbinary, whose website is; the regulation of this binary options broker is not actually underway, contrary to what was believed. The CySEC specifies that this company has never and will not be authorized by the authorities of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

The official warning of the CySEC is available on this link.

NRGbinary is a broker to be avoided

It only takes a few clicks to visit this broker’s website and realize that, according to some information provided about the company, NRG Capital (CY) Ltd is based in the heart of the Cypriot capital in the city of Nicosia just like the previously mentioned TraderXP broker that have also been the subject of a similar warning. The CySEC seems to do its clean-up job on the Cypriot territory. We must be aware that the country is known by investors and business leaders as being a European territory with a rather particular special status. It is a very interesting country for companies that want to start an offshore activity and be subjected to the most attractive tax rates in Europe; the corporate tax rate is 10%. The creation of an offshore company does not require any minimum capital. There is no residency requirement on the island. The anonymity and banking secrecy are guaranteed by going through a fairly light administrative process.  Therefore, it attracts a number of businesses, some of which are “borderline”. This seems to be the case of the NRGbinary and TraderXP companies that claim to be binary options brokers. Therefore, the CySEC attempts to remedy this.

Cyprus is one of the European countries to require binary options brokers to obtain its license in order to legally offer services within the country. France also operates somewhat in the same way with the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) and the ACP bank of France that allow traders to see which brokers comply with the regulations of the local authorities so as to avoid unregulated brokers that do not present any solid guarantee. The last binary options brokers to have obtained a license from the CySEC over the past months are the OptionWeb, 24Option, ZoneOptions and OptionFair brokers. It is recommended to privilege this kind of authorized binary options brokers.

Choose the right binary options broker reminds you that it is essential to chose a regulated binary options broker when looking for a serious broker with which to deposit one’s money in order to speculate and earn money on the financial markets. Binary options brokers that are regulated by the FCA and the CySEC, such as OptionWeb, TopOption or 24option for example, are the kind of binary options brokers that will interest us. Having obtained licenses from the regulators of the French and Cypriot financial markets, these brokers demonstrate some credibility. They also show us that regulators approve their seriousness, their working methods and that the services they provide to traders are in full compliance with the financial regulations imposed in France and elsewhere in Europe.

A trader who will open a trading account with a regulated binary options broker will have his funds safely deposited in a segregated bank account (separate from company funds). In the event of bankruptcy by the broker or any other problem, the trader will be protected by the regulatory authority (FCA or CySEC) which regulates the broker in question. In addition to the protection offered by the financial market regulators, the guarantee protecting you against potential litigation (relating to cash withdrawals or trading conditions, for example) can also be an additional protection that we offer to traders in addition to trading bonuses exceptionally negotiated by our team when opening a trading account with the binary options brokers in our comparative chart of binary options brokers.

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  1. FAW du Plessis said: 18/12/2013

    I cannot withdraw any money from NRGBinary. They do not answer their telephones either causing me to be unable to talk to the account manager.

  2. Falah said: 27/01/2014

    I opened an account with the NRGBinary and option Broker, with their headquarter in London, I made tow wire transfer from my Bank in Kuwait, the first one was for $2500 to be deposited in my account this one deposited in my account, the second one was for $20000 to be deposited in MT4 or a forex account this one was not confirm, but they did open an account by withdrawing from my NRGBinary account and deposited it in an MT4 account, My account manager Mahmud Zidan started dealing the account after my balance reached more than $900000, then I requested a withdrawal, they started dealing, after that my $13000000, my account and their client care would ‘t respond to any of my calls and messages by all kind of communication means, they started opening positions like crazy, I sensed the intention to raise my account, few hours later my balance was down to $5,573.20,
    I need your help and would very much appreciate your help, I will provide all necessary documents.
    Sincerely yours

    • Dimitri said: 27/01/2014


      Unfortunately it’s not a surprise with a broker like NRGBinary …
      Did you try to contact your local regulator about your problem ?
      In the future check the profile of the broker on internet and verify if it’s an authorized and regulated binary options broker.

      Good luck Falah !

  3. Abdul said: 26/06/2014 scammed me like the above and now I don’t know what to do they rep me off with over US$ 400,000 they showed me that my money made profit in trading room 11359 account under my name with balance over US$ 5,200,000 when I asked for withdraw they didn’t respond to me not by email, not by phone not by fax nothing and show me account with losses in my name don’t know what to do please help my email is

  4. Anne said: 18/08/2014

    NRG BInary is one of the worst companies you can ever get involved in. At first they give you bonuses and trade well. When you demand a withdrawal they refuse to reply and the broker is suddenly impossible to reach. This is all set up to make it look like you loose all the money.


  5. jerry said: 19/08/2014

    NRGBInary is the biggest set of scammers. Do not go near them .. They scam me and rude to me telling me I only trade @250 when others trade $50000. What a disgusting set of people who borrow to earn clean money.

  6. Althia said: 19/08/2014

    I am from the Caribbean . Please run with all your life from NRG Binary. I deposited $250 from the first of August 2014 After they called and sweet you up. They never reply or try to help you. When you call they are rude and a lot of lies. I finally try to trade and made $450+. I tried to get back the $250. Until now they are processing (they say) and all documents are submitted. They cannot be reacehd. They are thieves. Avoid one especially callled Rachel and Eli and all of them.. Even the password they set up, the link does not work so you cannot change it. They go into the money when there is a profit and no one EVER explains. They are the greatest thieves. Run for your lives please. They do not even pay out the correct amount when you win a trade. I hate them. I need my money back..

  7. John said: 22/08/2014

    Unfortunately I have a similar experience to the people above.

    When I tried to get my deposit back from NRGBinary they first sought additional documentation which I provided. Then they wanted more doumentation which i provided and finally, after about 3 months of procrastination from them and many emails from me, they agreed to pay out. However, when I checked my credit card statment some weeks later, I discovered that they had only refunded less that 10% of my money. Now they are ignoring my emails and so I am now entering into a new cycle on trying to get the rest of my money back.

    Surely there must be some relevant investor protection regulation, fraud police services, or other government agencies in Cyprus and in London to protect customers against NRGBinary. I am just amazed that this firm can apparently get away with systematic wholesale robbery of their client base. Shame on the relevant authories for not taking them on.

  8. SARA said: 24/08/2014

    scam and stolen company.. hungry to eat your money..
    will not return back your money.. they lose your some money.. better than return back to you..


  9. Victim from KSA said: 29/08/2014

    I have made a big mistake when I have invested USD 130,000 with NRG Binary. This is what I have saved during my courier’s life for more than 14 years. My account manager has promised me to transfer what I want. Before 2 weeks, the market has felt down and my portfolio became negative after it was positive of more than USD 300,000. At that time, there was a backup from them by crediting USD 120,000 but it was under conditioned and they asked me to transfer 50% of that amount. I have lend money of USD 60,000 and then I have transferred the money to Singapore for a beneficiary called money net money transfer co. LTD. The confirmation has taken more than five says to be finalized. Now, I have more than USD 500,000 but I can’t get my money back and I am getting promises only. Now, they said my trading must reach 10K and I don’t have knowledge of that. I think they want to keep my money as soon as possible and I don’t know what will happen in the future if the market is fallen down as I do believe that there are fake trading.

    I want to send a complaint to any official organization. I need your advices please.


  10. Dania said: 11/09/2014

    How the regulatory authority (FCA or CySEC) can help in solving the problems of customers with NRGbinary or any other offshore broker! By all means a thief cannot sustain and promote business continuously like this without any tool to keep people rights or close this business and prevent them from continuous cheating!!!!

  11. Anna in South Africa said: 17/09/2014

    Please help me. Unfortunately I saw these warnings too late. I started opening an account with NRG Binary when Eli Jones from NRG Binary called me. He said he wanted to help me setting up the account. He asked my credit card details supposedly to do the set-up. Next he did 5 unauthorized debits against my account. Now he refuses to let me have the money back. I have been begging for two months but they just ignore all communication and they cancel withdrawal requests. Although the debits were unauthorized, Mastercard also refuses to help me. Can you help me to reach the top ranks of Mastercard? Is there a way that FCA or CySec can close or prevent these criminals from doing further business?

  12. yaks said: 27/09/2014

    To be honest i lose hope on all brokers, is either you will not see your money or delays on withdrawal, well NRG OPTIONS I will not forgive you on till you return my money and others too.

  13. KK said: 30/09/2014

    /// Avoid NRG Binary /// Avoid this accout manager: Eli Jones //
    1. At first, I was attracted by a auto-trading robot via spam e-mail. Then I deposit $250USD in NRG Bianry. ( 1.5 month ago )
    2. Then NRG Eli Jones called me and want to sweetly offer me bonus$200USD if I deposit another $500USD. and I say.. I need more time to consider.
    3. Then Unexpectedly, he uses my account ID & Password to deposit $500USD by himself. ( WITHOUT my perssion !! ) ( that’s because NRG website auto remember your credit numbers in the deposit sector by default setting. )
    4. How can they(NRG) entry my account & know my password. I feel my money is not safe. So I change my password again & decide to apply the withdraw with $600USD. (3weeks ago )
    5. I wait for 3weeks but get no response from them. Yesterday I log in the NRG website. and OH My God…My account balance becomes only $0.5 USD. Then I go to check the historical trades. I find there is an un-successful trade with $611USD. I strongly doubt NRG illegally use my account & password to open this trade.
    6. Today I receive a withdraw-rejected e-mail from NRG financial department. They say they can not approve my withdraw request , just because my account balance is insufficient.

    Above is my real & sad story. They(the NRG account manager: Eli Jones) can steal your account ID & password to do any deposit or trades ( without your permission ).

  14. Victim from Canada said: 07/10/2014

    NRG is money loss guarantee comany, its platform just “eat” your money without any turn over opportunity, and avoid this account manager, Micheal V.
    1. I was looking for on line business, and deposited $400 to NRG through Secret Wealth Club and started losing money.
    2. Michael V called me, said he is a sinior broker and can help me out with the money I lost. We talked on phone, and I promised another $600 , but he used my credit card and deposit $1600 by himself.
    3. He called me to make trading, but most of them were loss, for the first day, after one trading lost $1000, he put the same amount as bonus. But my money plus the bonus keep losing, and even I used signals doing trade, won in another platform, and lost in NRG, I felt that I would never have any chance to recovery my account in NRG
    4. I realized the risk of trading in NRG platform, and I requested to withdraw $1000, but nobody answered my request. After I wrote emails, submitted tickets, 10 days later, they told me that I couldn’t withdraw any money because of the bonus….
    5. I wrote emails to Michael V. and asked him for help, he called me back and asked me to put more money …. NRG is a money loss machine, how can i put more, I warned him don’t touch my credit card….he abused my account ID and credit card information and lead me to lose more without my pomission, if anyone will conduct investigation about NRG, I can provide evidence and testify what I am writing here….

  15. Victim from KSA said: 11/10/2014

    Dear victims,

    Sorry to say that but this is the truth

    Now, no need to mention your story as we all scammed by NRGBINARY. Now what you have to do is move forward and send your reports to the authorities such as the police. As you know all, NRG is using UK and Cyprus as a place for their operations. Therefor, we have to send our reports to the authorities at these two countries. Moreover, we have to report to the authorities at what we have sent our money such as Singapore and that is what happened to me.

    Here they are some very important websites as follows:

    Best regards

  16. Victim from KSA said: 11/10/2014

    Dear all,

    UK CFA and CySEC are not an authorities but they are regulators. Thus, kindly report your issues to the police.

    Best regards,

  17. Mohammed Ikbarieh said: 23/10/2014

    they are scam and cheater , I am not advising any one to invests with them. they will show their ugly face on the time you decide to withdraw your money

  18. Richie said: 01/11/2014

    Its really amazing,that the Authorities are doing nothing to shut these Bi***es down !!!!

  19. Simon said: 13/11/2014

    The NRG Binary option group are thieves, One of their senior brokers Brian Bendish, he lost have of my money in the trade, excessing my credit card and withdrawing money without my authorization.
    Please some body help me and get that guy charged.

  20. AHMAD said: 18/12/2014

    My account was 117000,and when i asked to withdraw 40000$ they started to avoide responding to my calls &emails then they opened a position in 30 October and lost alll my money.

  21. Sobat said: 23/12/2014

    NRGBinary 100% scam, 3 time they want take $1000, $500 and $500from my credit card without my permit, and i they not allow my withdraw event i email Official Manager, this is very scam broker, don’t trade with NRGBinary

  22. Brett Conradie said: 03/01/2015 / NRGBinary Are Scammers

    These are the culprits … fraudelent scammers who just take money from your bank account without your authorization and then put a phone down in my ear when i ask for my money back.
    I see there are a group of people getting together to sue them – i hope they do.
    I am also taking this further – i have had a hell of a evening due to these people and if i could sue them for what i am going through right now i would
    Be aware of them and i ask all my friends to please share this so no-one else can fall prey to them

  23. KK said: 06/02/2015

    Yester I attended their Webinar training course.( about introduction Non-Farm Payroll Trading). In the Q&A section of class, When I asked how to use technical analysis. the teacher( David Sullivan ) intentionally did not answer my question. Contrariously, I saw 4 guys all asked about how to deposit? how much of deposit amount? and so on…. And the teacher answered the best way is to contact your account manager & deposit 10000 immediately.

    On My God! They hold this Webinar is just want to Wash our Brains . They are a Organized Group of Frauds !

    Stay Away from NRG Binary!!

  24. NatashaG said: 07/04/2015

    Omw….i have no for the very firts time discovered NRG….Lucky for me i told my fiance after i received a call that i was not going to deposit funds until i have read about them. I am privileged to have came across this page and comments. Thanks to everyone that has a comment here. I really had hope, no i don’t even know which can and us trusted companies to trade with as this was going to be my first time as well and me also not know in this fields i would have made my first experience not a good one. Again i am so sorry for all your loses and thanks for warning us.

  25. Mikael- melbourne said: 23/04/2015

    I don’t recommend any body to trade with NRG,it’s a scam and cheater website.
    They withdrew from my c.c without my authorisation,$7000(of course they have
    my ID ,so it’s seems they actions are legitimate)
    I tried to widthdrew several times unsuccessfully,they avoided to be contacted

  26. Gerd said: 28/04/2015

    Yes nrgbinary have stolen my money
    Have ask my off my credit card i have pay and become a bonus
    To begins i have winning, this is a intelligent scam that i pay more
    From my credit carts
    Is my money ends off my credit card is winning ends i have will money
    From my winning and from this time have i become error signals and losing
    My broker is Greg Valentin
    And the last tine have this man more nams, martin and and
    I have losing 4700€
    On this nrgbinary and this boss Mary is the mailadress ending
    I have all save from this contacts for the justice
    I searching this scammer
    I like not scam

  27. jonathan b said: 13/06/2015


  28. OKSANA said: 01/07/2015

    My Skype: superoksana_3. Add the self to the group of victims NRGbinary in my chat. I have information about these brazen thieves. Their real names and addresses. Do not leave them unpunished! Knock on my Skype will write a statement.

    Together we can do more and get the money back, it is not a company but only two managers, who represent different names. They are husband and wife, and I know their names. My Skype: superoksana_3

  29. Shaun said: 22/11/2015

    NRG BINARY SCAMMERS!!! We nedd to do something they have had my money for months and will not let me withdraw even though I have met all criteria. The broker even swore at me because he knew I was right but then hung up on me then the locked me out of the withdraw page. HELP!!! I will be willing to help any where I can.

  30. Paul said: 13/03/2016

    I’m just another victim. Big losses.


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