Does the Social Trading of Binary Options have a future?


More and more binary options traders were awaiting the arrival of Social Trading. The ability to follow the best traders, try to understand each of their trades, and possibly follow and copy these trades were part of the current trend.

We have tested the Social Trading proposed by OptionSmarter

Once again, it is that innovates itself at the end of July by launching this option. As confirmed to us by Sebastian, one of our loyal readers: “social trading via OptionSmarter completely changed my way of trading. Before, I have often doubted my decisions prior to placing a trade, which restricted me tremendously. Hence, I was unable to trade 1 time out of 2. But, since the onset of the Social trading option, I noticed that many traders supported my view and confirmed my analysis of graphs. Since then, I have been trading a lot more, and positive results were immediately recorded in my balance”.

Therefore, we have tried to learn more from OptionSmarter. Julien, their Marketing Director explains, “We decided to launch this option in late 2012. We are only at the first stage and further developments are under way concerning the Social Trading. We were able to notice that 87% of our traders use our Social Trading tools on a daily basis. At the same time, some traders have become ‘Star Traders’ and their selections are being followed and copied by a number of traders”.

Axel, another trader on the platform, confirms that for him, “the Social Trading has been a driving force in my inscription on OptionSmarter. Before, I used to trade on another platform, but when I became aware that I could social trade … I jumped at the opportunity! And I am not disappointed; not only because it allows me to measure myself against other traders (I like the competition), but also because it indicates real-time trading trends on the platform. This is really a great tool!”. 

But, is Social Trading a simple fad or a real optimization tool? According to Julien, “social trading is an important tool but it perfectly integrates with all the other options that we offer. The ability to follow the trades of other traders is a real plus, but OptionSmarter features among other things the SELL BACK option, which allows traders to sell back their positions before expiration. The SELL BACK is used by 95% of the traders of the platform, and thus minimizes their risks”.

We did not need more to test the Social Trading via OptionSmarter:

The first observation is that everyone is free to either use it or not. However, it is clear that the use of Social Trading offers a wide range of information about what is happening live on the platform:

  • The trades placed by all traders
  • Advanced graphics 
  • An interaction with other traders

Besides, this gives a strong image to the OptionSmarter brand. In fact, we can see that there are hundreds of trades per minute. This indicates that thousands of traders trust this platform, and consequently, this proves the seriousness of OptionSmarter around the world, because I have in fact come across French-speaking, English-speaking, Arabic-speaking and even Chinese-speaking traders! 

In conclusion, I believe that the Social Trading has a future. This is reassuring as it is an important and fun trading support, and above all it is only the beginning “of many surprises to arrive on the OptionSmarter platform in social trading,” says Julien.

There is no doubt that OptionSmarter will be copied by other platforms in the near future…

Does social trading interest you? Please remember that opening an account on OptionSmarter through this link allows you to take advantage of an exclusive bonus of 100% instead of 30%.

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