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pair trading binary options

Brokers continue to innovate and introduce new features to their trading platforms. We have reached a time when we are nolonger speculating on the increase or decrease of a market, but 1000% binary options are evolving and taking derivative forms. Recently, we have introduced to you 1000% binary options (0-100). Today, we are discussing the pair binary options; this is a way of speculating on the binary options that deals with both markets simultaneously and which can be particularly lucrative when we master the subject.

Understanding the options pairs

Options pairs (or “binary pairs”) have arrived at binary options brokers a little later than other types of binary options. This form of binary option makes it possible to actually oppose two financial markets and to bet on their relative performance. This type of binary option is not greatly different from the standard binary options. For example, if you practice the pair options trading, you choose to operate on a particular type of market, such as the stock market. You then choose two shares that you will deal with, such as Apple and Facebook, and must predict which share will outdo the other (in performance) when the binary option will reach its maturity. Binary options pairs remain very flexible, both in terms of markets, maturities and returns on investments that generally range between 70% and 85% of the amount of money invested in the same way as your simple binary options.

Trading options pairs

You can realize how binary options pairs are attractive  especially if you are a specialized trader and are an expert on a particular type of financial market (Forex, Indices, raw materials or shares) since you will in most cases achieve winning speculative transactions given your extensive knowledge in treated markets and your ability to accordingly identify the financial instrument to choose for this type of trading.

There are two ways to speculate with options pairs. The first option is the fixed binary option pair; this pertains to short-term maturities that occur within the same day, with the yield that can then reach 80%. The other option is the floating binary option pair, which is exactly the same as the previous binary option pair except that the maturity is much longer. For example, you can-have the choice of binary options at weekly, monthly sometimes quarterly maturities, and even at higher yields. On floating options, traders can exit their trade when they want to and the profitability can be up to 500% in case of good prediction.

Which broker proposes binary options pairs?

Although there are many binary options brokers who offer all kinds of options to their traders, only a few offer speculating on financial markets through binary options pairs and the best known among them is most likely StockPair . We must say that as the name suggests, this broker specializes in fact in this type of option; it is the specialist in this market and the traders who opt for these options usually choose this broker to earn money. Stockpair offers its traders a wide range of financial assets, with maturities that range from only a few minutes to 1 quarter (180 days) which makes its platform a suitable environment for both short-term investors and long-term ones. Please also note that the StockPair broker is regulated by the IFSC (International Financial Services Commission), hence making it a serious binary options broker.

The BonusBinaryOptions.net advantages

When you join a binary options partner broker from our website, please be aware that you can benefit from exclusive advantages. The first advantage that you can benefit from is the awarding of a 100% negotiated bonus on deposit that is usually not granted by the broker. For example, if you decide to open a StockPair account , you can enjoy a 100% bonus on deposit. Thus, for example by depositing $ 200 into your trading account, you will be credited an additional $ 200, hence you will have $ 400 to speculate. Let us note that the StockPair broker generally offers its new traders a bonus on deposit of up to 20%, which is much less significant than the 100% that we offer you. The second benefit that you receive through our website is the BonusBinaryOptions.net guarantee ; this is a kind of protection that allows you to benefit from the assistance and support of our team in case of any problem with one of our partner brokers. This guarantee is obviously valid with the StockPair broker that is the subject of the present article.

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