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For many individuals with a passion for investing or who simply want to earn some money to supplement their monthly income, binary options is a product to turn to. As we will see later in this article, this is a simple way to earn money that is becoming increasingly popular in the world over time. It is not necessary to be a whiz in the financial markets to take advantage of this binary option product; the trader has a chance of making money by betting upwards or downward in the binary options rate that is proposed by a multitude of brokers.

What are binary options?

In a few words, binary options are a highly simplified form of trading. A binary options trader should first select a trading instrument before determining the desired maturity (trading time); hence in our example here-below, we have chosen to invest money in one of the most traded currency pairs in the world, the USD / JPY, and we have opted for a term of 30 minutes.

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We have a real money account of $8,624.60 with the regulated broker OptionWeb; according to the OptionWeb trading signals tool,we can note that the relevant signal is issued on this currency pair. It is a (purchase) “CALL” not a (sale) PUT. Because the rate has a high increase probability, we click on CALL since we have decided to invest $100 for a return on investment of 75% ($175). All we have left to do is wait; if our prediction proves correct, we achieve a gain!

As we can see, the binary options trading is a quick and easy way to earn money since it is possible to perform a multitude of operations during the same day and realize a significant capital gain in a very short period of time. Most binary options brokers such as OptionWeb make it possible for individuals to invest starting at only $5 per option which is accessible to all portfolios, from the less capitalized investors to their leading counterparts.

The increasing interest in binary options

The graph below come to us from Google statistics. We can see that the frequency with which the “binary options” term (meaning “binary options” term in English) (blue curve) that has been typed in worldwide on the Google search engine has been constantly increasing since the arrival of binary options on the internet a few years ago.

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What is great about the Google statistical tool is that it makes it possible to compare several terms, thus we can observe (red curve) that the spread betting term (another very popular practical investment in the United Kingdom, consisting of “betting” on a number of various shares simultaneously) appears, on the contrary of binary options, to be in decline and less and less searched on Google. Google users are conducting more and more online researches in connection with binary options. This is not surprising considering that this is an easy and accessible method that makes it possible to especially earn fast money online even with a low initial investment. With the arrival of regulated binary options brokers on the internet, this binary options trading practice is gaining more and more credibility and attracting a good number of individuals to pay close attention to the subject. It would not be surprising to see that the blue curve (characterizing the keyword “binary options”) to which we are referring continues to be on the rise throughout 2014.

 The regulated binary options brokers

More and more binary options brokers are surfacing given that thousands of individuals around the world are interested in this product. The fact is that ill-intentioned companies are emerging and undermine the portfolios of individuals; they do not hesitate to scam traders and sometimes even steal their money. Luckily for us, financial market regulators around the world regulate and supervise the binary options industry. At the European level, the CySEC is responsible for this task, in France it is regulated by the AMF, in the UK by the FCA, in Italy by the CONSOB and in Spain by the CNMV. We advise traders to opt for binary options brokers that are regulated by the FCA and CySEC and which thereby comply with the European financial standards.

These binary options brokers that are for example part of OptionWeb and TopOption and regulated by a dozen international regulators have been proven over the long term; they have been able convince the regulators and demonstrate that the services proposed to traders are honest and of an irreproachable quality. Also note that the licenses granted to a broker are synonymous with this broker’s credibility. For example, a broker with a CySEC license has at least a million dollars in its bank accounts and can pay out winnings to its clients without any problems.

Bonuses in binary options

A bonus on deposit is an important parameter to take into account when you wish to embark on binary options and want to choose a broker. It is a big advantage to considerably increase the size of one’s capital thus the money deposited with the broker in question.

Our team has linked various partnerships with several binary options brokers thereby allowing our readers to take advantage of an exceptionally negotiated bonus on deposit that would normally not be feasible. We can take the examples of the two regulated brokers stated earlier in this article, OptionWeb and TopOption; the first of these two brokers normally offer a 20% bonus to its new traders. However, please be aware that by being a BonusOptionsBinaires.net reader, upon opening an account the reader is granted a bonus of 100%, which makes it possible to double one’s deposit. Likewise, upon opening an account with TopOption, the reader will be awarded a bonus of 100%  instead of a bonus of 0% that is granted under normal circumstances.

Please also take into consideration that the BonusOptionsBinaires.net guarantee is another privilege that will be offered to you as a reader of our website; it will allow you to enjoy our assistance and help you benefit from our relationship with the management of binary options brokers in case you encounter a problem with one of the brokers, and hence help you solve the dispute quickly.

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