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Your Opinion about Binary Mathex

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  • Fab
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    Hello everyone,

    Thanks to a French friend of mine, I heard about the release of the “binary mathex” automatic trading robot ( I was aware of the mathex system developed by Belkhayate and his programmers but I remember that it was necessary to have a minimum balance of $ 20,000 in an account with the Alpari broker (!)

    Does anyone have any information about this “binary mathex” robot? Talk to you soon.


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    Hello Fab,

    Although I had never heard of this robot, for a few weeks now some traders have been talking about it particularly on the French version of BonusBinaryOptions. I am familiar with Mostafa Belkhayate who makes annual appearances at the technical analysis show in Paris and who has won several trading trophies. I personally attended a (paid) seminar pertaining to a very impressive strategy that he had implemented and demonstrated for us in real-time…


    His mathex tool is also known; I believe it has a portfolio of wealthy clients who use it on a daily basis. When you visit, you can find an interesting automatic trading tool for the “general public”… To be continued!

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    I follow the facebook page of Binary mathex because I have been interested in automatic trading for over 3 years now.

    The website was officially launched a few weeks ago. I looked it up and found that it is an automatic trading robot that operates on optionweb. The robot uses Mostafa Belkhayate’s mathex method and automatically opens positions with the broker…

    Didier Rondeau has made a rather impressive video demonstration with the tool: with more than $1200 in profits in one afternoon and without any activity on behalf of the user … (the robot does everything on its alone …).

    The only downside is the price as the robot costs $9,390! But a demo version is available when you open an optionweb account. I shall test it soon and keep you informed.

    That’s the news ^^

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    Wow… Actually, Mostafa Belkhayate’s binary options are serious business!

    However, $9,390 hurts! ouuutch!

    At the same time, this is probably the payable price for a robot that is capable of achieving long-term earnings in the markets…

    Fortunately, we can try it free-of-charge for one year and hopefully that it will be sufficient to earn enough to pay for the complete version later! 

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    This software is wonderful; I opened my account with optionweb, downloaded Mathex and deposited 300 dollars. I left it running overnight yesterday evening as I was a bit restless. I woke up this morning and I found that my balance reached $354!!!! I hope this trend will continue.

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    Bass: “Fortunately, we can try it free-of-charge for one year, and hopefully it will be sufficient to earn enough to pay for the complete version later!! 🙂 »

    > Yes it also benefits Mostafa Belkhayate and his team. They develop a sophisticated and powerful tool and they introduce its free version to the public. The users get a chance to try it, generate enough profit to buy the complete version for $7500 thanks to their earnings…

    This is very clever as it somehow allows them to obtain a very large customer base and increase revenue through their tools … I think I will give it a try. I watched their demo video twice and I truly find it very impressive.

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    Being new to the forum, I am not particularly interested in binary options. However, I still wanted to test this software. So, I deposited $300 yesterday evening, left it running all evening + night (or part of the night because oddly enough the laptop got switched off), and ultimately my balance around 9 am this morning was $299.70. So I lost 30 cents.

    I will leave it on again and keep you posted.

    Have a good day!


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    Can you tell me (for those who already work with this robot) if the proposed signals can be manual?? Also, based on which terms are they proposed? (Besides the 60-second term featured on the video).
    Thank you very much

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    I have just had a skype chat with one of the users of this robot (that I met through another trading forum). He said that (according to him) the results were really impressive and he managed to realize many gains…


    I recognize that it is quite tempting! (However, I remain generally wary of automatic robots and expert advisors…)


    @Elyan: There are no manual signals, only the automatic mode. Also, trade is available on 60-second term (this is probably due to their type of programmed technical analysis?).


    If others have feedback, please feel free to share!


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    I have also tried the robot by depositing $300, and in two days my balance increased to $467. I’m currently very satisfied!

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    While my account is enabled and all the lights are green, it does not work here…

    I am running XP, and you?
    Thank you!

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    After I deposited $400 yesterday morning, the robot has been trading all day (with a few crashes, so I had to reboot each time).

    There were about 75 trades conducted between 9 am and 11 pm and now my balance is at 447 dollars, so I earned 47 dollars.

    Today I am still carrying on and I will keep you posted.
    @idol: when the robot is on, the 4th light (Trading) should not be green. It must be a luminous white snail in perpetual motion. If it is green, the robot is not working and you need to reboot.

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    Hello everyone,

    Well I am finally tempted…

    I logged into and opened an account with optionweb (which is otherwise fine  …) and downloaded the free version of the robot. It downloaded and launched successfully on my Mac (for once there is a software that works on Mac!).

    In the beginning my license was not active so I had to make a deposit; I decided to deposit $300 as the website recommends. I have been able to properly turn the robot ON and trade 5 to 10 positions per hour. Well I must admit that it is really very impressive; there is a vast majority of winning positions (although sometimes I have had several consecutive losses). Today my balance increased to nearly 500 dollars (496 US dollars this morning).


    Because it is quite impressive, I keep running it in the hope that this trend continues.


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    Actually, some explanation is required on behalf of the designers on the software that is featured as the solution of the moment!!!!

    Thank you in advance for sharing your experience (especially with those like myself who do not have any experience)

    I was curious to learn about the Mathex…
    Talk to you later,

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    Yesterday, I started around 7 pm with $350. Last night I had no idea how long it stayed on as Windows performed a wild reboot to perform its updates (the sniff software does not function with ubuntu). This morning it rebooted after a few trades but it did not continue on, and during the day there was nothing major. By the end of the afternoon, it has done the same thing. So I guess we should not worry as long as the lights are green and it keeps running. It simply does not “receive any signal (which is proof that it does not work randomly).
    On the other hand, the short-term outcome is: I started at $350 and ended up with $327.6. I achieved the same result in manual mode :). The difference will probably be achieved in medium term. I expect to see the results in a week … however the difference between the results is odd in light of the previous posts: shouldn’t it have similar results when it reacts to the same signals???

    Anyway, it conducts a series of 7-8 consecutive winning trades.

    For your information, I am currently keeping everything in automatic mode because of the lack of explanation (the amounts are ok but I am uncertain about the automatic mode to perform simultaneous trades? It is more or less risky to conduct several trades at once … I am confused).

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