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Your Opinion about Binary Mathex

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  • younish
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    Apparently other users must have sustained losses to ultimately recover these losses and generate profits later on as shown in … http://binarymathex.boards.net/thread/2/reviews-binary-mathex-scam (I hope that linking to another website does not bother the admin? :/)

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    Hello everyone, I have not introduced myself. I have just signed up following your conversation. I have been trying this robot since 11 am this morning; it has made 20s of trades and a few necessary reboots but it seems to have been stable for a few hours now. My balance was at 200 euros this morning and I am currently at 190 euros. It has decreased to 160 euros and increased up to 232 euros. Anyway, let’s see what’s going to transpire in the longer term.….

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    The speed and stability of the internet connection could possibly be playing a role … I have seen that someone on the Facebook page has also raised this same question (maybe it was you?)

    Alternatively, I have set the options on 5 simultaneous trades and $20 in the early evening (instead of $10 in automatic mode). My balance increased to $385 within 3 hours. I do not know if this trend will be constant, but we shall see next Monday!
    Have a great week-end everyone.

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    Hello everyone, I have also tested Mathex with $250 and it currently works pretty well. The software has opened 40/50 positions (I have noticed that the positions do not necessarily occur on a regular basis (which is also the case with you apparently?)). My balance reached $327.50, thus a profit of $147. I think we should examine the results after several weeks of use in order to get a better idea of its performance! Talk to you later.

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    I have been using binary mathex since it was launched and I currently have not experienced any bug (unlike other users?). I have also decided to install the latest version (just in case  … one can never be too careful).

    For me it has been a great success; I deposited $500 and after 4/5 days of trading (I installed it last Monday) my balance has already increased to $882 thus a profit of $382, representing a yield of 76% in one week which is pretty amazing!

    For your information, I left everything in automatic mode and kept the software running day and night.
    Good luck everyone!

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    Thank you Michel for sharing the good news

    Since Monday you have made a profit of $382 – 76% yield ($500 bet). Very good! This is excellent result.

    I am wondering: How come this software (administer artificial intelligence) does not perform the same increase for each user (automatic mode – overall use at the same time).

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    Hello ALAN 

    $147 within a week! ( $250 bet) just like Michael

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    Hello everyone, I am new here and I just bought binary Mathex. I have a small problem: the robot does not trade. Is there something in particular that can be done or maybe a special configuration?


    Good luck everyone

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    Hello Younal,

    I am not sure of my answer but I imagine that the results may depend on the time during which the robot has been in operation for each individual. I personally keep the software turned on almost around the clock at home from Monday night.

    Sometimes the software sustains losses for several hours, ultimately followed by gains in the next few hours … If a user uses the robot during the “losing periods”, he will finish the day in loss …

    Alternatively, I am using the robot in automatic mode with all the selected asset classes and position amounts in automatic mode. Also, if users change the amounts of the position and select certain asset classes, the results will normally be different.…

    Have a great week-end!

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