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Guide for the novice trader in binary options

List of the brokers for beginners in binary options

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Advice for the novice trader: how to make a good start with binary options?

Constantly evolving from about ten years now, binary options are a popularized financial instrument and therefore adapted to the novice trader wishing to trade in the stock market. But like everything else, it is necessary to learn and train oneself on the product before getting started.

In this page, we invite you to discover a list of the most suitable brokers for novice traders. These binary options brokers for beginners meet all the criteria to be taken into account before you start trading. Therefore, all these criteria will be described to you in detail in our “Guide for the novice trader in binary options” .

Guide for the novice trader in binary options

Before you start investing in this financial product, it is important to draw the attention of novice traders in binary options to 10 fundamental points. Each point is essential, thus we let you discover this mini guide to a good start with binary options: 

1. Learning about the product:

what exactly are binary options? The binary option is a financial instrument that depends on the trading of an asset for a certain period of time. To start on the right footing, I invite you to read our detailed page on the definition of the binary option.

2. Define the amount that you wish to invest in the markets:

Because it is possible that you may lose the invested sums, and that you will tend to reinvest to “make up for it”, it is absolutely necessary to set a maximum amount to invest in binary options from the beginning. You must invest an amount that you may potentially lose, that is to say, allocate a binary options budget with a capital that you would not need in the short term.

3. Choose a reliable binary options broker:

To deal in binary options, you must choose a partner, i.e. a broker. In fact, your positions will be directly relayed in the markets by a broker. Because it is an indispensable intermediary, it is very important to choose it accurately. The binary options brokers do not all have the same characteristics, and the novice trader does not have the same expectations as a professional trader. Therefore, you must choose a broker for novice trader.

The most common questions when choosing your binary options broker / questions to ask when choosing one’s broker:

– I’m a beginner, I want a reliable broker: what broker to choose?

– I started trading in binary options and I’m afraid to choose the wrong broker. I fear I may not be able to withdraw my money.

– I will start trading in binary options with a small capital,  therefore I am looking for the broker that deducts the least possible fees.

– What is the broker that offers the best training?

It is necessary to check that the broker that you have chosen meets your criteria of regulation, yield, training offer, ease of withdrawal, low minimum deposit, making low position …

Therefore, our team has established for you a comparison of binary options brokers as well as a page dedicated to each of the criteria to consider in your choice:

how to choose one’s binary options broker,

– list of the best binary options brokers,

– list of regulated brokers,

– list of brokers offering the best training,

– list of the brokers with the lowest minimum deposit in the market,

– list of the brokers with the lowest minimum position in the market,

– the brokers offering the highest yield rate in binary options,

– the brokers offering a demo account in binary options,

– the brokers offering the best bonus.

We urge you to carefully read these different pages to properly choose your binary options broker. You can also discover the tests of the different platforms performed by our team in our Analysis section.

Once this choice is made, it remains for you to register with the chosen broker.

4. Register on a binary options platform

Simply click on one of the links on our website (“Open an Account”) to be directly directed to your broker’s page for opening an account and benefit from the advantages negotiated by our website and the guarantee of bonusoptionsbinaire. net. Therefore, you simply need few minutes to enter your identification information. You will then receive a confirmation email with your username and password, and your dedicated advisor will contact you directly (by phone and / or email at your convenience).

5. Train with demo money through demo account

If you have chosen a broker offering a demo account, which we strongly advise you, you will need to make the request for it to your advisor at the beginning. This will help you understand how binary options function and train with demo money without a risk of loss. Once this amount is made ??available, it is time to train oneself on the market.

6. Follow the training offered by your broker

As we explained to you in our dedicated page “best training offers in binary options“, it is essential to train you on the financial markets. Binary options are a vulgarized product but which represents a real financial risk. To avoid losing, especially to put all the odds in your favor to gain in binary options, you must follow the training courses available to you by your brokers upon registration. The training will be provided to you in various forms, and it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits you.

7. Consult the binary options forum

Do not hesitate to consult all the reviews on the brokers and feedback from more experienced traders. And do not hesitate to launch discussions and ask technical questions about binary options strategies. We all went through the stage of “novice trader in binary options” and the community of traders is also available to help you get trained in binary options.

8. Do not invest too much in the beginning

When you feel ready to trade, it will then be time to invest in real money, that is to say, make a deposit with your broker and start betting. It is possible that your 1st trades are losing ones. Because you are no longer trading in demo money but with your capital, keep your feet on the ground and make a small bet, i.e. 10% of your maximum capital. Therefore, you multiply your chances to play, and thus to win. We recommend that you start by investing the minimum position of your broker during the first times. Please do not rush and try to play fast to “catch up” on a losing trade, as it is an ineffective precipitation technique!

9. Do not be influenced by well-established commercial speech

Now that you trade, it is possible that your advisor offers you to invest more than you had initially decided to. Although it is up to you to accept, it must be consistent with the budget set for you from the start (see point 2). This is where you will see the importance of having defined your maximum bet from the beginning so as not to diminish your budget following the euphoria of the moment.

10. Keep informed and follow market trends

The final step, the endurance step in some way, is to develop your ability to bet right in the markets. For this purpose, it is essential to pay attention to the economic data and the reviews of the financial analysts. Getting into a position contrary to the trend of the market is very risky and works very seldom! We recommend that you subscribe to newsletters from your broker and ask your advisor if you have any doubts regarding the understanding of the analyzes.

Good trade to all! 

If this article does not seem comprehensive, do not hesitate to send us your questions or suggestions


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