Invest in Amazon stocks with binary options

invest amazon stock binary options

On our blog, we regularly discuss news related to binary options and general trading industry news, however we rarely talk about the financial market being potentially profitable for a binary options trader. We are going to change that and talk about Amazon stocks. This company is registered on several stock exchanges and has a surprising history in financial markets, which is interesting for investors. Amazons stock price has been increasing over the last few years, so you can speculate on this increase and earn money with binary options.

Amazon: The leader of e-shopping

Amazon is an e-shopping company born in 1994 that launched its website in 1995. The company company is based in Seattle (USA) and initially specialised in selling books and quickly diversified its activity to sell any kind of product open to the public via its website, like CD’s, videogames, household equipment, computing etc. The company has more than 230,000 workers in the world, it’s registered on the NASDAQ stock exchange and is worth more than 245 billion dollars.

Amazon’s turnover is increasing overall, up 20% in the report from 2013. Amazon’s customers are quite loyal. A recent study of BusinessInsider shows that 49% of the Prime Amazon subscribers spent at least $800 per year on average and 30% of the buyers in the USA subscribe to Amazon Prime. In the USA alone there are more than 54 million customers and 200 million all over the world, in other words, the business is growing and looks set to keep growing and become even more profitable again in the future.

Amazon growth on the stock exchange

On the graph underneath, you can see that the Amazon stock trend is clearly increasing. We can see that the Amazon stock value has grown from $280 in september 2014 to $835 nowadays, this shows an increase of approx. 317% in only 2 years, which is quite impressive.

amazon stock worth

It’s quite simple : the value of shares is increasing and as a binary options trader we have to speculate on this increase. When the trend reaches a certain support level on an intra day graphic, we can take a call (buy) with a short term (15 or 30min), we also can make calls when a pull back (japanese chandelor) happens. Buying on this market during this situation is the most favorable to increase your success and your chance to make profits.

The Amazon stock with binary options brokers

You can speculate on the trend of Amazon through binary options brokers on the internet. As discussed previously, an amazon stock option is valued at all approximately $835, which means that if you want to buy it to resell it later and earn money you will have to pay this price. In binary options trading you are free to invest what you want and you earn money with the return on investment. For example you can invest $100 on an increase of Amazon stocks choosing a term and if your forecast is exact you will get 65% to 85% of the initial amount, depending on the broker you trade with.

The advantages of

Becoming a binary options trader with one of the brokers displayed on our website will grant you exclusive advantages that will help you when trading. The first advantage is a bonus on the deposit negociated on the first deposit you make when registering with our links. For example with the broker StockPair, you get a bonus of 100% on your deposit instead of 40% for its usual new traders.

This bonus on the deposit isn’t the only advantage we offer you. Becoming a trader with a broker displayed on our website will grant you the guarantee. This Guarantee is a protection that allows you to benefit from the total support of our team during your experience with the brokers we recommend. You have all the reasons to start this activity of home investing, the binary options trading.

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