Is Trader XP a scam? Read the press release


Here is the press release transmitted by the broker TraderXp:

“Binary Options is one of the best lucrative means of making money online because among all brokers, TraderXP is considered as the best and most reliable one. Some traders who are new to this broker may think that it is a scam. If you are thinking the same way, you should start reading TraderXP reviews online. This can help you in determining if TraderXP is a scam or not. 

TraderXP was established in 2009 and its main headquarter is located in Cyprus. Unlike others, it actively serves the world of binary options trading. It offers a wide range of assets to choose from like stocks, indices, commodities and Forex pairs. This broker also provides you a unique trading platform. After logging in to its official account, you will see the multiple trading tools on the homepage. Through using this broker, you no longer have to download any software for carrying on the trading task. Full details required in trading options are also made available in just a single click. 

This broker is a simple trading platform and even a new member can trade in options in a very simple manner. Another best thing about this TraderXP is its instructional videos. These are provided to every trader and investor for complete guidance. With this broker, you don’t have to allocate a high amount of money. You can start trading with a minimum deposit of $100 and with the lowest trading amount of $10. This makes it a more reliable, profitable and affordable option in trading. 

Furthermore, TraderXP offers the elasticity of trading in multiple languages such as Arabic, French, German and Spanish. This broker is also recognized for its highest payout which often reaches more than 81%, depending on its trade activities. Binary builder and One Touch trading options are the two main features of this platform that stands out among the rest.  The One Touch option allows you to make transactions even on weekends. The expiry periods available for all investors range from 15 minutes, weekly to monthly. This often depends on the knowledge of the traders and trading styles. In case any unexpected issues arise, every investor can seek professional assistance through live chat, email or phone. With 24-hour customer support, traders no longer have to worry about their trading problems. 

With the above mentioned details, can you say that TraderXP is a scam? Of course not! TraderXP is considered as the best and most effective online trading platform. With this, binary option investors will be able to expect positive results. If you are still on doubt about its given services, start exploring now! Through knowing its exact services, you will have peace of mind when it comes to trading. 

Whether you are new or an expert online trader, you should grab the chance to deal with an effective one. Before depending on TraderXP, take time to read its several testimonials online. Through this, you will be guided on how this broker works. It would also be easy for you to recognize the different strategies for successful trading methods.”

Find out more information on our Trader XP review and give your opinion about this broker. 

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  1. rick armstrong said: 01/08/2013

    Trader XP is a huge scam and a ripoff of your money. you wont see one penny back off your money if you invest with them. zero percent payout people. dont do it. Sean parks and Trader Xp are a bunch of crooks and have no problem sleeping at night after ripping you off and breaking your account. I was lead to believe that i would make 10,000 a month. instead i lost 10,000 of my hard earned money that they convinced me to invest with them. It doesnt matter if you made 100,000 with them you wouldnt see any of it.

  2. Khing Lay Nie said: 29/11/2013

    Please enter a crowded troop we report on the IC3 and like what I have done to the process and protection for the most disadvantaged.

    Like his thing with my experience in doing fraud by Jane as a senior broker Mike Trader XP. With promises and deceit he challenged and asked me: Want to how much profits for every month? And in fact he did not do the trade that brought profit for me and just do a couple of times that ultimately deposit my money can not be withdrawn on the grounds bonus.


  3. * Your Name said: 14/12/2013

    I totally agreed with “rick armstrong”. Their broker deposited a large sum from my credit card. When I tried to deposit $200 only to test its platform. It can not go through so I passed my credit card information to that broker and told him that I was only willing to deposit $200. He deposited $5000 instead without my approval. Today, I have to file dispute with Visa. That same broker logged into my account without my permission and did a dozen trade. He made around $2K profit and took out, leaving a loss on my balance. No wonder trader XP is on the black list currently. I regretted that I did not Google search enough. Otherwise, I will not register with them.

  4. Tim L said: 13/04/2014

    First of all let me say that I take responsibility for my trading account, even though I agreed to allow Mike Jane to trade on my account for me. I just wish people to be aware of what happened to me, so they can perhaps make their own decisions whether or not to get involved with TraderXP. Mike Jane showed me shots from a few accounts he said he had traded for, and told me he expected to make me between 30 & 50% per month, sometimes even more. He also arranged a $2000 bonus after I had deposited $3500. Instead, in the first month he lost 33%, in the second 78% of the remaining balance, and in the third another 25% of the remaining balance, for a total loss of almost 90% of my total $3500 deposit. And now that there is only $363 of my money left, he hasn’t traded at all since the 26th February – well over a month ago. I told him that I realized nearly all of the funds remaining in my account are due to the $2000 bonus, but asked him why he wasn’t trading with those funds in an attempt to recover? I have asked him this 3 times and he is not even bothering to reply. I was contacted by one of his associates, Alex Stern, who suggested I deposit more money, and as I declined to do so, he has also stopped replying to me. I haven’t tried to withdraw any money, but I shall certainly be trading with their bonus until it is all gone or I recover my money – in which case we’ll see if I have a problem withdrawing some (not their bonus). All I can say is be careful, and don’t believe everything you might be told – remember, past history is no guarantee of future performance – I just hoped it might have been.

  5. steven said: 07/05/2014

    well for me i join xptrades in April 2014 to be honest i have not done any withdraw yet but the broker who is with me is so good excellent who gave me the confidents and teach me how to do trades to gain profits , i have to mention his name mr richhard rosenberg , he is in deed a great man man . so what ever you have gone under some brokers not responsible in doing their job pls do not have negative view on traders xp . i will feed back my progress as it goes on thank you .

  6. Joey Brown said: 06/08/2014

    We’re on to these scammers – won’t be long until they are all in a jail cell.

  7. Ken Beers said: 03/04/2015

    My poorly educated adult son suffering from ASD was scammed out of $50,000 through Skype conversations with XP Traders. Is there any way I can get the money back from this SCUM ?

  8. Melissa Steele said: 20/05/2015

    I’m with you Ken Beers. How dare these people prey upon those who do not have the intellectual or mental capacity to know what they are doing. Utterly horrified at what has happened to my brother!


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