How to know if a binary options broker is allowed ?

how to know if binary options broker is allowed ?

At, we regularly observe in the comments of our blog’s articles that visitors ask non-stop information about brokers, we are asked questions such as « What do you think of the broker X » or « Is the binary options broker X allowed in my country ? ». We are going to explain to you in this article, how to investigate yourself if you have been contacted by a binary options broker or if you just found one yourself. Therefore you will be able to judge if it is a serious binary options broker or not.

To easily find out about a broker

In order to get to know the binary options broker that you are about to choose to trade and speculate on the stock prices of the different financial markets, it’s important to gather information about them, and this is relatively easy. First of all, you have to check the « Terms of use » on the broker’s website, this will allow you to know which company the broker belongs to.

Take for example the broker 24Option. At the bottom of the homepage we can find mention of « Terms of use » (which can sometimes be « terms and conditions » depending on the websites). If You click on it you will be redirected to a page full of information relating to 24Option and to its website. The company to which 24Option belongs to appears directly in the first few lines, that is « Rodeler Limited ». Now you know a little bit more about this broker and you will be able to proceed with your investigation about legal aspects.

24Option Rodeler Limited website

Consulting the broker licences

To consult if a binary options broker (or rather the company which it belongs to) possesses one or more licences of regulators the company’s name. Once the company’s or broker’s name is known, you need to visit the financial regulator’s website of your country and proceed witrh your research.

On the website of the CySEC (Cyprus financial regulator, euopean reference for the binary options brokers regulation) we can see that Rodeler Limited, the company that the broker 24Option belongs to, own a licence (licence number 207/13). On the french financial regulator AMF, we notice that authorities also delivered their licence to the broker 24Option and to its company (Licence number 74742). If we then investigate on the website of the german regulator (BaFin), the english regulator (FCA), the spanish regulator (CNMV), the italian regulator (CONSOB), it will result in a positive conclusion as all these european financial regulators have given their licence to Rodeler Limited.

24Option Rodeler Limited AMF

After this quick investigation we can clearly classify the broker 24Option as a regulated binary options broker and we no longer have any reservations about opening an account on 24option. Therefore we can start the binary options trading with that broker who has been approved by a multitude of financial authorities.

Why choose a regulated binary options broker ?

Many beginners or non informed people make the mistake of choosing the wrong binary options broker, one who is not authorised. Consequence : they are often victims of binary options scams. In order to avoid scams, misunderstandings with your broker or dificulties to withdraw your money, it’s advised to simply choose a regulated binary options broker as their activity is subject to supervisiob from financial authorities. In other words, there is the guarantee of no scams with these brokers and their customers benefit from their local financial regulators protection.

The regulated binary options brokers own authorisations which allow them to legaly offer the trading of binary options on their website. The activities and services provided by the brokers who have obtained licences have been approved by financial authorities and comply with the controls and financial laws of the country in which they are authorised. To choose a regulated binary options broker is mandatory if you want to practice binary options trading without any problems and to protect your money. In fact, it’s for this very purpose that regulated brokers use bank accounts to conform with the control of financial regulators.

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