Do you know the BubbleTrading of the AnyOption broker?

new bubble trading binary options broker AnyOption

You are very likely familiar with binary options trading. If you do not know what binary options are, we can say that they are basically financial instruments with fixed costs whose potential return on investment is predetermined. When we buy a binary option, we can project the market direction in which the price will change during a given time. If the forecast proves correct, we achieve a profit. If on the other hand it is erroneous, we lose our investment. This type of trading is done through binary options brokers that also offer derived forms of classical binary options. So far, we have seen for example the “one touch” binary options, the “no touch” binary options or the “pairs” binary options. However, we have yet to discuss the “Bubble Trading”. You certainly know the broker responsible for this innovation; we are referring to the AnyOption regulated broker.

What is BubbleTrading?

The BubbleTrading launched by the AnyOption broker is a revolutionary form of trading which aims to make trading more intuitive, particularly for beginners. In fact, the way in which trading is reduced is rather amusing; the trade presumably takes the image of a bubble. Unlike real bubbles made with soap, the trader who practices BubbleTrading must simply sketch on its trading platform a circular bubble, with the cursor of the mouse. The sketched bubble determines the target prices and the duration of the trade. Based on these parameters, the return on investment that is calculated automatically by the platform is variable.

new bubble trading binary options broker AnyOption

The combination of the size of the bubble and where it is drawn forms a certain range for the price and the maturity of the binary option. If the price of the market in question has just crossed the bubble before the end of the maturity of the binary option, you win and you generate a profit. As you might expect, the larger the bubble, the easier the trade and the higher the chances of making money. Therefore, the return on investment of large drawn bubbles on the chart will be low. If on the contrary the bubble targets a very specific price area and is very small in size, the returns on investment explode; some bubbles make it possible to obtain a return on investment of 1,000%, a gain that is equivalent to 10 times the initial investment.

What are you waiting for to try the BubbleTrading ? This new form of unique trading is available only with AnyOption.

The AnyOption binary options broker

AnyOption is simply one of the pioneers of the binary options industry. It is the oldest broker to offer this form of online trading. Its website,, was launched in 2008. AnyOption has obviously been around long enough, thus it does not need to prove anything with regards to its seriousness and the quality of the services that it offers to investors, unlike emerging brokers that sometimes have difficulties making a name in this world of sharks. AnyOption is owned by Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Ltd which is based in Nicosia, Cyprus, in a country of the European Union which naturally provides more trust to investors than certain tax havens that have no proper regulations and where other binary options brokers are based.

The trading platform of the AnyOption broker has been developed by its own expert teams. It offers interesting features; the average yield on binary options is around 71%. Although it is not a broker that offers the best returns on investment in binary options, AnyOption differs from the competition since it is one of the few brokers to offer a return loss of 15% (when the trader has made a poor prognosis).

AnyOption is also an accessible binary options broker; the minimum deposit with this broker is $ 200. Thus, even a poorly funded investor can embark in trading through it and open a trading account.

Becoming a trader with the AnyOption broker

Becoming a binary options trader with a binary options broker is all about choosing a trusted broker that has and continues to prove itself in this highly competitive binary options trading industry. In addition, you can also benefit from the Guarantee. Unlike the brokers listed in our comparative of binary options brokers, AnyOption is one of the few with whom we have not negotiated a bonus for our readers. Regardless of that, this broker gives you access to the guarantee of our website. In other words, if you decide to open an AnyOption account, you will be automatically eligible for the guarantee, which covers you against potential problems that might occur during your trading experience in the financial markets. With this guarantee, you can at any time benefit from the support of our team whenever you feel necessary.

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