How much to invest in binary options ? 

how much to invest in binary options trading ?  

Nowadays binary options trading has become really common on the internet. This speculative activity has become popular and can be practiced by anybody. Any person of age can deposit an amount on a broker website and start to speculate on the different financial markets that exist. However, this simplicity to start can fool some beginners, who invest too much money and speculate without any knowledge, and trading based on feeling leads to losses. Don’t make that mistake and follow our advice !

Only Invest what you can afford to lose

Binary options investments, like any other type of financial investment, are risky. Being a responsible person, you are not going to put all your money in a trading account with a binary options broker, and if you do you could lose all your money invested because of bad bets on binary options. It’s really important to invest an amount that you are willing to lose, without putting yourself in a difficult financial situation.

Let’s say that you have saved €10,000 on a savings account, you can’t imagine putting all that money on a binary options broker account. You can invest 5-10% of that amount, so €500-€1000 in our example. 

In binary options trading, it’s essential to be reasonable and make smart moves. It doesn’t just mean following a free training in binary options, but also requires good financial management and depositing a reasonable amount, depending on your current savings.

Need money quickly ? 


In addition, if you are in a difficult  financial situation and need money, investing in binary options shall be done in a really wise way. Imagine having 1, 2 or 3 loans ongoing ? Whether it’s for your car, house or for another reason, every month you will have to reimburse a part to the bank or credit establishment. With these parameters, you have to be careful when putting money into your trading account, to not make your financial situation worse.

In the gambling, casino and betting world, we often see people opening new loans to keep playing. We strongly advise you not to do this when practicing binary options, it could really make your financial position worse. If you need money, train on a binary options demo account until your situation gets better and allow you to invest more. 

The minimum deposit on binary options brokers

In the second paragraph of this article, we outlined that investing €500-€1000 was reasonable if you have enough money in your bank account. Nevertheless, you don’t have to deposit that amount of money to start binary options trading. Binary options brokers are well known to accept small investments, they have a very low deposit threshold. Depending on the broker you will choose, the minimum amount can range between €100 and €200. Investing the minimum amount when you start to trade is advised, it allows you to start this activity without taking too many risks. 24Option is an example of a broker with a low minimum investment threshold, only €100 is required to open a binary options account, same as the broker TopOption.

Choosing an authorised binary options broker

Whatever the amount of money you are going to invest in binary options trading, you absolutely have to check that the broker you are going to trade with is regulated. Regulated binary options brokers are simply brokers who are registered with financial authorities that generally possess licences from financial regulators allowing them to legally offer binary options trading.

The brokers 24Options and TopOption are the type of broker to which you should give priority because they are regulated binary options brokers. They own the CySEC licence (financial regulator of Cyprus, the european reference in the finance sector) and are registered at the majority of european regulators. Therefore, you don’t have to take a risk by choosing an unauthorised broker when you can choose a reliable one, compliant with local financial laws. On top of that, opening a 24Option account or TopOption account using a link on our website will grant you a negociated bonus on your first deposit of 100%, allowing you to double your first investment. The guarantee (which includes the support of our team at any moment) is also one of the benefits you will get when opening a trading account.

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