Our comprehensive test of the OptionSmarter platform


OptionSmarter is a broker that is specialized in binary options but belongs to Smarter FX, an online brokerage company on the Forex market created since 2007. The attachment to this company is rather reassuring to the OptionSmarter traders since we are dealing with a company that has a solid experience in online trading.

Trading conditions

OptionSmarter is a pure binary options broker and as such it offers the possibility to trade in High / Low mode and in Speed Trading with maturities of 60 seconds.


The images of this article are in foreign language because the test has been originally realized for the French version of the website. However, note that the Optionsmarter platform is also available in English.

Therefore, you can trade these two types of binary options with currencies (EURUSD, GBPUSD …), shares (HSBC, AXA …), commodities (GOLD, SILVER …) and indices (CAC 40, DAX …) for a total of 76 assets.

In OptionSmarter, yields amount up to 90% for a minimum position of 5%, which places it among the brokers offering the highest yields and the lowest positions.

The trading platform

OptionSmarter is one of the rare brokers having its own trading platform with a flow that is directly transmitted by Reuters, which remains a benchmark for course prices and expiration deadlines for binary options.

Thus, in OptionSmarter, we have the possibility to trade uniquely from their Webtrader. This is not disturbing since the binary options trading in High / Low mode does not require anything else.

I like for once the possibility to choose to bookmark the assets in favorites and thus to be able to directly place all the assets that we usually trade on the same page.



You also have the possibility to choose your own yield and return on the loss of your positions, simply by clicking on the “+ Mode” button.


It’s slightly the same principle as the Option Builder that is usually found in the other binary options brokers.


To the right of the platform, we find the possibility to understand the evolution of its open positions, if they are “in the money” or “out the money” at the moment.

Immediately above, we have general information regarding our account. We appreciate the possibility to know at every moment where we stand on the release of our bonus, which is quite rare in binary options brokers. You should know that in OptionSmarter, you need to trade 15 times the value of your Bonus + deposit in order to withdraw it.

Note that opening an account on OptionSmarter through this link allows you to take advantage of an exclusive bonus of 100% instead of 30%.

This apparent simplicity does not make OptionSmarter a simple more mundane binary options broker because it can stand out from its competitors through the services it offers to its traders

OptionSmarter services

The Social Trading

Thus, OptionSmarter is part of the pioneers of Social Trading in binary option. It offers its traders the possibility to follow other traders via its platform.


The chart directly displays the different positions of traders of the platform, while the chart here-below directly displays in real time all the positions taken and by whom they are adopted. You also have the option to open the chart to view all this in detail. Thus, it is easily possible to follow and copy other traders.


In order to participate in this Social Trading, you only need to open an account with OptionSmarter and go to your account settings, activate the “Social Trading” mode, then choose a nickname and a photo. You can now watch other traders take a position and follow those whom you consider to be the best.


The Smarter Insurance

OptionSmarter does not stop here in services as it also offers a “Smarter Insurance.” This consists in a reimbursement of a percentage of your deposit if you lose it in its entirety.

The Smarter Insurance is available from the following deposit amounts:

From $ 1000 to $ 2999:  Smarter Insurance of 25% of your deposit

From $ 3000 to $ 4999:  Smarter Insurance of 35% of your deposit

Above $ 5000:  Smarter Insurance of 50% of your deposit

Thus, if you deposit 5,000 dollars you are then guaranteed up to 50% or 2,500 Dollars. If you lose all of your investment and your account balance is lowered to 0, OptionSmarter reimburses you 2500 dollars that you can either withdraw or trade. 

The SmarterPoints

OptionSmarter rewards you for the activities that you are performing on OptionSmarter. Thus, a deposit, your positions, referring a friend, … earns you points. With these points, you can acquire gifts available in the OptionSmarter store.


The SmartLetter

Each day, OptionSmarter provides you with a newsletter of relatively complete financial information. This way you can remain informed of global economic news.

The withdrawals and deposits

You will be able to make deposits by credit card, bank transfer but also MoneyBookers (Skrill). You can also use the same means to withdraw your capital or your earnings.


We can not reproach OptionSmarter for proposing that the minimum in terms of trading type because it was still able to fill this gap by focusing on providing quality service to its traders. The development of Social Trading should please the vast majority of traders.

Remember that opening an account on OptionSmarter through this link allows you to take advantage of an exclusively negotiated bonus of 100% instead of 30%.

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  1. Admin said: 08/07/2013

    Have you got any questions about the test of OptionSmarter platform ? Please submit your question here, we will respond very soon !

  2. peter smith said: 04/10/2014

    Hi, is it wise in the first place to take the bonus offered by OptionSmarter? Some brokers have warned me off it. Why do they not offer a free demonstration account for us to paper trade? ARe they likely to have it in the future? Thanks.

  3. jonb said: 22/12/2015

    not regulated..


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