The return on loss for binary options

return on loss binary options AnyOption

When binary options traders look for a new broker to trade with and to make a deposit, they usually have a look on a comparison of binary options brokers, examining specific criteria to know if the broker is right for them. This criteria can include the maximum return on investment per trade, whether they offer a binary options demo account or free access to training in binary options. The return on loss is an excellent criteria to take into account when choosing a binary options broker but many traders aren’t aware of this.


What is the return on loss in binary options ?


If you practice binary options trading, you know what return on investment is. It’s the figure displayed as a percentage on your trading platform just before you male your call (buy) or your put (sell). This figure indicates the amount of money you are willing to get if your forecast is correct and if your option is winning. Let’s say that the percentage displayed is 80%, if you chose an option investing $10 which leads to a gain, then the broker will credit your account with the initial $10 and your profit, $8 (the return on investment). In the event that your option was losing, you would have simply lost your $10, that’s how binary options works in the majority of binary options brokers nowadays.


However, some (rare) binary options brokers also offer a return on loss to their traders. Let’s say that the return on loss displayed on the platform is 10%, this means that on a $10 losing option, the broker gives you 20% of the amount, so $2 in the current example. Very few binary options brokers, even the old ones, practice that return on loss so it’s really rare to find a broker offering that.


AnyOption, one of the only brokers offering the return on loss


AnyOption is one of the only brokers offering a return on loss to its traders when their speculation is wrong.


AnyOption offers a return on loss up to 25% of the invested amount on a binary option. The trader can set his return on loss. The more the return on loss is important, the less the return on investment will be high.

  return on loss binary options AnyOption  

It’s possible to choose a return on loss of 5% and benefit from a return on investment of 75% if the trade is winning, but you also can choose a return on loss of 10%, but your return on investment will decrease to 70%, up to 25% of return on loss, but then the return on investment will be of only 55% of the invested amount.


The binary options trader AnyOption


The binary options broker AnyOption belongs to the company Ouroboros Derivaties Trading Limited, based in Cyprus and possessing a license from the regulator CySEC, in addition to being registered with many european financial authorities (AMF, BaFin, CNMV, CONSOB, FCA). AnyOption is one of the pillars of the trading industry, it’s one of the first binary options brokers created. AnyOptions was born in 2009 and has been satisfying its worldwide traders for 8 years now. AnyOption didn’t rest during those years, this year again it proved its staff is proactive, launching a style of trading unknown until then : BubbleTrading. AnyOption is a famous broker who have now become a well known name in the trading industry, every day thousands of traders speculate on their platform, why not you ?


Become a binary options trader with AnyOption


Joining AnyOption is a really good choice, due to the quality of service they provide in the trading industry, the positive feedback left by its traders and its good reputation in general. If you decide to open an account on AnyOption by clicking on a link on our website, you won’t get any bonus on your first deposit (contrarily to our other binary options brokers partner with whom we have negotiated a bonus), however you will benefit from the guarantee and from the support of our team if you ever face a situation with which you require help.

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