The 24Option broker becomes a partner of Boris Becker

boris becker 24Option Sports partnerships have recently had the tendency to grow significantly within the trading industry, particularly among binary options brokers. 24Option has recently announced through an official statement its partnership with Boris Becker, a former professional tennis player. By signing such partnership, 24Option hopes to attract a clientele that mainly loves sports and tennis. Given the popularity of Boris Becker in Germany, the 24Option broker aims to achieve better exposure within Germany by promoting binary options trading through Boris Becker.

Boris Becker is a living legend of tennis

Boris was born in 1967 in Leiman, Germany. He began his professional sports career at the age of 16 in 1984. A year later when he was only 17 years old and still unknown, Boris won the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Also during his career, Becker has reached the finals of that tournament 7 times and won 3 times. Boris is an outstanding player who has won six Grand Slam in his career and has accumulated 49 single titles. During his career, he has earned over 25 million dollars in tournament winnings. The pressures and stresses associated with the everyday life of a top athlete led him to retire from professional tennis at the age of 31 in 1998. He became the second tennis player to ever be included in the Tennis Hall of Fame in 2003. After his professional tennis career, Boris Becker has remained an active man. He was a commentator on the BBC before becoming a coach for the Serbian professional tennis player Novak Djokovic with whom he has also formed the PokerStars team and became a professional poker player. Now once again in 2015, Boris Becker partners with a leader by becoming the new partner of the 24Option binary options broker.

Binary options brokers and sports partnerships

Boris Becker is not the only sports partner of the 24Option broker. Please be aware that a few weeks ago, 24Option announced its partnership with Juventus de Turin, an Italian professional soccer club. By signing this new partnership with Boris Becker, the 24Option broker demonstrates its willingness to attract a young audience that loves sports and tennis, but also an audience that is based in Germany, the country of origin of the former professional tennis player. Such a partnership is relatively important and beneficial to the broker. By partnering with a world-renown professional tennis player, the 24Option broker reflects a serious image because, as one can imagine, a personality such as Boris Becker will not lend its name to any brand. Because a partnership like this involves financial commitments, just like Boris Becker 24Option does not want to see their image or reputation tainted by their partners for fear of being victims of financial loss as this could have adverse consequences not only for themselves but it could also affect other partnerships that they have with other brands and companies. This partnership between 24Option and Boris Becker demonstrates that the two leaders share mutual trust, thus traders can also trust 24Option. Also note that 24Option is not the only broker to establish sports partnerships in the binary options industry; we have recently seen that the TopOption broker has signed a partnership with Arsenal FC, an English professional “Prime League” soccer club. This came a few months after the EZTrader broker has also signed a partnership with the European professional soccer clubs Bayer Leverkusen and Feyenoord Rotterdam.

The advantages

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