The AMF Blacklist : 75 binary options brokers to avoid!


The Financial Markets Authority, also known as the AMF, which is the regulator whose primary mission is to generally oversee the financial industry within the French territory and is therefore responsible for the regulation of options binary brokers in France, has just updated its list of the binary options brokers to avoid. In this famous list of the AMF, also known as the blacklist, we can find a multitude of brokers that offer their binary options trading services to individual traders but do not have any specific authorization, license (or permit) from regulators to allow them to legally offer the services in question in the country or to solicit the French traders by encouraging them to proceed with the opening of a trading account and deposit funds.

The new update of this list is somewhat surprising since only a few weeks ago at the beginning of February, the financial regulator has already published an update of this same list which then featured a total of 68 binary options brokers to avoid that are not authorized by competent authorities. Hence, a quick update such as this one shows us that the AMF regulator very carefully oversees what takes place in the French financial sector and is ready to intervene, prevent and crack down if necessary in order to defend the interests and wallet of traders and investors.

The bad binary options brokers

Therefore, the blacklist of the AMF includes some newly published binary options brokers in addition to the list published in January 2014. Among these additional brokers against which the AMF warns traders, we can identify the brokers DailyOption, Binareo, Bank of Market and BigOption. We can also note that some brokers that were identified in the previous lists are no longer included in the AMF’s list of brokers to avoid; this is for example the case of the OptionFair broker which seems to have gained the confidence of the French financial regulator and is no longer featured in the blacklist. In fact, it is also a broker that is regulated by the CySEC.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


The French Financial Markets Authority declares on its official website that the websites listed in the list of brokers to avoid do not have any authorization from the French financial regulator nor from any international financial regulator in most cases. Therefore, it is important to refuse to use the service of these brokers when being sollicited by them. The regulator also specifies that the teams of these brokers use a very aggressive marketing discourse and numerous misleading information with the aim of hiding the risks associated with trading, by promising traders easy money gains, encouraging them to deposit money and often cheating them and no longer refunding their capital.

This warning from the regulators of the French financial markets comes after a few warnings from neighboring international regulators that we have recently witnessed in the trading industry. The BCSC committee which deals with overseeing the financial industry in British Columbia (belonging to the Canadian territory) and the CySEC regulator that oversees brokers at the European level have recently tarnished the image of the Cedar Finance broker by warning traders against this broker and removing his  CySEC license, causing him to lose all credibility with investors. This broker is also already included in the blacklist of the AMF.

Choose a regulated binary options broker

Fortunately, several binary options brokers that are regulated and licensed in UK and in Europe by the AMF and the CySEC are present in the binary options industry. These are the kind of brokers to favor when seriously considering embarking in this activity and earning money on the financial markets. The brokers that are regulated by the AMF and the CySEC have proven themselves and have received licenses (authorizations) from financial authorities since they perfectly satisfy the local financial regulation (French and European regulations). For example, brokers such as TopOption have more than 10 licenses from international financial regulators and have nothing to prove in terms of their seriousness.

Please also take into consideration that our team was able to negotiate a 100% bonus on deposit upon opening a TopOption account whereas this broker does not offer any bonus under normal circumstances to its traders. The guarantee is also an advantage that you benefit from by being a reader of this website; this is a protection that allows you to benefit from our influence in case of any problem encountered with a broker, hence enabling you to solve it quickly.

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