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The OptionWeb binary options broker, which is regulated in France by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) and the FCA as well as by the CySEC at the European level , along with brokers such as 24option, AnyOption or TopOption, provides henceforth its traders with a tool that delivers automatic trading signals. This trading tool is a privilege granted to traders who have proceeded to the opening of an OptionWeb trading account but also a money deposit that is equivalent to at least $3,000 with this broker. This new special advantage that can benefit traders is offered in addition to the other privileges that a binary options trader can take advantage of via the OptionWeb trading platform.

Advantages of the OptionWeb trading signals

A trading signal can be characterized among other things as a real-time message sent to a trader by a trading system or an experienced trader. The objective pursued by the users of trading signals is quite simple and consists of: performing profitable operations that will help them improve their trading account. Generally, there are a multitude of signal providers on the Internet; in most cases, these services are subject to charges and the cost of quality signals is usually quite expensive. With OptionWeb, these signals are offered free of charge, and the only eligibility requirement is to have a silver trading account; i.e. to have funded the account with at least $3,000.

Trading signals have become a key element in the binary options strategy and plan of many traders. Signals are very easy to interpret; they indicate what to buy, what to sell, and they offer the potential to earn a lot of money in the markets without requiring the assistance of an expert in the financial markets. Using trading signals can be both helpful for both novice as well as expert traders; a novice trader may base his strategy on the signals if he has sufficient confidence in them, while an expert trader may also find his account because trading signals will be able to confirm his own investment decisions, which will be very helpful to him. Finally, we can add to this that the trading signals were not really present on the binary options trading until now, and that the OptionWeb broker is one of the leading binary options brokers to provide its traders with signals on the simplified product, which is the binary option, by combining efficiency with high returns on investment.

Test of the OptionWeb trading signals

We have monitored and even tested on your behalf the OptionWeb signals on our trading account; on the first screenshot here-below, you can see that our trading account initially displayed a balance of $8665.60 and that it was 09: 30 at the time when the OptionWeb tool delivered to us a series of trading signals. Given the fact that we are quite conservative and wish to take the least possible risks, we are only taking into account  the safest signals in our trading (those whose “Reliability” bar is completely green). The red box on our screen capture shows us that if we follow our strategy, it is thus preferable here to make a (purchase) CALL on money but also on the GBP / CAD, EUR / GBP, EUR / JPY currency pairs, as well as a (sell) PUT  on the USD / CHF currency pair. Therefore, we make the decision to trade these 5 binary options just like the OptionWeb tool advises us to do and we opt here for maturities of 30 minutes.



Thirty minutes later, our 5 binary options expire and the result is quite satisfactory; our cash binary options on the EUR / GBP, the EUR / JPY and USD / CHF currency pairs prove to be winning ones; the option on the GBP / CAD is the only losing one. We have invested a total of 5 x $100 and we end up with +$74 , +$75 , +$75 , +$85 and -$100 (associated with our losing option) which brings the results of this trading session to $209 of profits in just 30 minutes of trading, therefore changing the balance of our trading account from $8,665.60 to $8,874.60. In conclusion, the OptionWeb trading signals seem particularly profitable, the success rate seems pretty decent (4 winning signals out of 5), thereby both novice and expert traders can find this interesting.

The other advantages of the OptionWeb broker

As we have briefly mentioned at the beginning of this article, the OptionWeb broker is part of the binary options brokers that are regulated by the FCA and the CySEC, however it was especially the first regulated binary options broker, which is the reason why there is so much talk about it and traders grant it a certain credibility among some of its competitors.

In addition to the fact that this is a more serious broker, OptionWeb makes it possible for its traders to earn money in any kind of market, thus making it possible to speculate on precious metals (gold and silver), on forex currency pairs (EUR / USD, GBP / USD, etc. …) on the U.S. and even European indices (Dow Jones, SP500, cac40, DAX30, …) but also on the shares of the major international publicly listed companies. In total, there are more than 180 trading instruments through which traders have the opportunity to invest with OptionWeb.

OptionWeb presents us with a platform of binary options trading that is efficient and easy to use, which allows it to attract at the same time an audience of expert traders as well as novice traders who wish to easily learn the basics of investment in the financial markets and start earning money through binary options. For more information on the OptionWeb broker, our editorial staff advise you to consult the complete review of the OptionWeb platform that we have prepared for you.

The – OptionWeb partnership

In addition to the advantages that we have mentioned throughout this article as regards the benefits that the OptionWeb broker to its traders, whether it concerns the trading signals or trading conditions in general, being a loyal reader of makes it possible for you to benefit from two other advantages. The first of these two advantages is the guarantee of being protected by our team in case of a dispute with the broker;  please be aware that we have a privileged relationship with the major players in this industry and therefore with OptionWeb. Hence and as a thank you for your loyalty, you can benefit from this additional offered protection that is free of charge to you. Thanks to our partnership, another advantage that you can benefit from is the allocation of an exceptionally negotiated bonus on deposit; namely when opening a trading account with OptionWeb, you can enjoy a 100% bonus instead of the 20% bonus that this binary options broker grants to its new traders under normal circumstances.

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