The TopOption broker changes company

topoption binary options broker Nuntius-SA

The TopOption broker migrates from Safecap Investments Ltd. to Nuntius SA. Although this change is of little significance for the traders of the broker, it is still interesting to know as a TopOption client.

Safecap Investments Ltd. is no more

Do you remember the company “Safecap Investments Ltd”? We have recently written an article about the closure of the OptionTime and 24Winner brokers. In fact, these two brokers have bid their farewell to the trading industry and just like TopOption, they were incorporated under the company Safecap Investments Ltd. It turns out that the closure of the two brokers has been accompanied by the migration of the TopOption broker. Although this broker that belonged to Safecap Investments Ltd has not closed for its part, it is still very much present in the trading industry and has changed its parent company.

Hello Nuntius SA!

Safecap Investments Ltd. was a company based in Cyprus that no longer incorporates the TopOption binary options brand because the broker has migrated this time to a company that is based in Greece called “Nuntius SA”. The new company that no longer owns the TopOption broker is also authorized and regulated by the Greek competent financial authorities. Therefore, this corporate change of the TopOption broker is without impact to traders who are clients of this broker given that the Greek regulator is recognized; it has the same guidelines as the CySEC and the AMF and is accountable to the ESMA based in Brussels.

The only thing that the TopOption traders should do as of February 1, 2016 (date of migration of the TopOption broker from Safecap Investments Ltd. to Nuntius SA) is accept the new general conditions of Nuntius. This procedure allows among other things to the brokers to transfer funds of accounts from Safecap to those of Nuntius. This process with which the TopOption traders must comply is necessary and in case of non acceptance of new conditions of Nuntius, traders will be reimbursed by the TopOption broker and must close their binary options account.

The TopOption binary options platform

TopOption is a binary options broker that is recognized as one of the most popular and most serious within the trading industry. This broker was initially developed by the Forex broker and it has quickly become a leader in the binary options market providing the same quality services as the Forex Markets platform. The TopOption broker has seen the start of binary options and is one of the pioneers in this industry. It is a broker that has a certain experience in the field since it was founded in 2011 and has gradually formed an international clientele in just five years of existence.

TopOption is a binary options broker that is very often recommended online given the seriousness it displays and the quality binary options platform that it offers to its clients. Although the clientele of the TopOption broker is international, a great part thereof is European. This is not surprising since the company that owns the broker is regulated by financial regulators that are almost all European. Therefore, traders of European countries are attracted to this broker that respects the laws and financial standards of their respective countries, which explains why thousands of traders speculate on the prices of financial markets through the TopOption broker and why you should do the same.

Binary options experts are confident that the TopOption broker will continue to provide the same quality of services to traders for a long time. As proof, the broker has incorporated itself under a new regulated company; this is a sign of professionalism, integrity and total transparency, which we can only admire.

Becoming a trader with the TopOption broker

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First, the negotiated bonus on deposit is a bonus that we offer to anyone who opens a new trading account with a binary options broker listed on our website. If we take the example of the TopOption broker object of this article, please be aware that in normal times the broker does not offer any bonus on deposit to new clients. But thanks to the special relationship that we maintain with the broker’s teams, we have negotiated an exclusive 100% bonus on deposit for each trader who proceeds to opening a TopOption account by clicking on one of the links that appears on our website. Please also note that when you open an account, you will also be eligible for the guarantee . This guarantee allows you among other things to be assisted by our team in case of any problem encountered with a broker in order to quickly resolve the misunderstanding in question.

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  1. Kevin Isaza P said: 22/07/2016

    Topoption changed, and the customer service is now awful. There is no more live chat, you can wait for hours and nobody answers the chat, no more account assistance, now the traders are on their own, and the worst….. alone.
    If a company does not offers customer service, it does not has life because the client confidence dies. I don’t want to imagine when the Topoption customers start to make mass withdrawals, just because they realize that there is no more Topoption, and their money is in danger. Had you ever thought in what happens if a customer wants to retire all his money and nobody answers his request?
    The same thing happened with brokers like GOptions that start fine and then they become, very fast, in detestable scammers very well know in the binary options world.
    Be careful with the bad changes in Topoption.


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