Tradesmarter launches the Strategix technology

tradesmarter strategix

The Tradesmarter holding company was created five years ago in 2008 by a group of professionals in the financial markets and online trading. The main purpose of these specialists was to combine their knowledge in order to develop a trading platform for the new generation while maintaining the simplified side of binary options trading. The company works with several known binary options brokers in the trading industry; it is a reputable company that has been able to develop, proven itself and thus was able to make its way in the world of binary options. As the developer of binary options platforms, Tradesmarter is a leading provider of platforms in this industry together with Tradologic that offers traders an innovative trading platform. It is also present almost everywhere in this industry. Tradesmarter is an internationally recognized expert associated with several binary options brokers operating in Europe, the Asian and Oceanic continents as well as the Middle East.

A platform named StrategiX

The software provider of binary options has launched its latest product bearing the name of “StrategiX.” This exceptional innovation offers traders the ability to visualize and customize their binary options strategy. StrategiX is a unique product that is combined with an incomparable user interface and a complex and highly-developed algorithm for price evaluation. The StrategiX tool comprises a main trading panel that offers the trader the possibility to earn money on a number of different types of binary options, from the simplest (high / low) options to the more exotic ones. The arrangement of the elements was studied so that the trader can make his investment decisions and act quickly within the market. The visual adjustment functionality of the chart through a cursor that depends on the price and the maturity of the binary option is also available, thus allowing the advanced traders to have the best possible graphical representation of the course.

strategix tradesmarter

In addition to this fact, the Tradesmarter developer has also incorporated several features that are useful to binary options trading; among these, we can address the volatility function that makes it possible to predict aggressive graphical movement in the market. On the other hand, one of the other options of the program makes it possible to address the not very volatile markets, with no clear trend. Based on what is predicted by these two tools, the trader may choose a certain type of binary options. The Touch-type options (through which the trader seeks a target price) may be useful in highly volatile markets, unlike in times of ranks when there is no marked trend in graphical movement or when volatility is low on the market (at night for example). This binary option shall really not be adapted to market conditions and thus it would be better to move on to other types of options.

“Thanks to StrategiX, we have reached a new era in the binary options industry, where we must supply solutions that are tailored to our traders. In the course of the last twelve months, our R & D (research and development) department and teams of the product have made ??significant efforts in order to create this transparent product by demonstrating a certain flexibility that the binary options trader will love,” said Tradesmarter CEO (Yoni Vital).

The Tradesmarter technology in binary options brokers

Thanks to its innovative product, Tradesmarter has made good progress and shall most certainly continue to lead this industry in shaping its unique technologies. Equipped with these platforms, binary options brokers allow their traders to have a unique trading experience in the market through binary options. Some individuals believe that other binary options brokers will offer their traders less attractive fixed parameters. Tradesmarter has created a flexible work environment, which makes it possible for each binary options trader to adapt the parameters of his trading station to his own needs. StrategiX will complement the trading platforms offered by the brokers that Tradesmarter provides.  The OptionSmarter broker is one of these brokers with which the innovation of the developer’s platform should be achieved progressively.

The team invites you to consult the Test and Reviews of the OptionSmarter broker and also reminds you that we have negotiated for our readers a bonus upon a 100% deposit at the opening of a binary options account with this broker, instead of the 20% that OptionSmarter offers to its new traders under normal circumstances. In addition, the guarantee is an advantage that you benefit from when you create your account with this broker and other brokers in the comparative chart of brokers available to you. This guarantee gives you, among other things, our protection in case of problem encountered with the broker in question. Upon your simple request, we will assist you and try to use our influence to solve the problem in question.

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