Using the bonuses on deposit of the binary options brokers

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Although you have vaguely heard of binary options bonuses or bonuses on deposit in binary options, you do not know what they are and therefore you have some doubts; are you cautious and not sure whether you should accept or reject the bonus offered by your broker? In this article we review what the bonus on deposit is, and what you need to know about these bonuses so that you can fully benefit from them.

The negotiated bonuses on deposit

Our team who became partner of numerous binary options brokers, and after negotiations with the teams of these brokers, has managed to negotiate exclusively for our readers bonuses on deposit which are generally not available to traders in normal times. These bonuses on deposit are one of the benefits that traders who visit our website can benefit from free of charge. The other advantage is the attribution of the guarantee upon opening a trading account with one of the brokers listed on our website through our links. The bonus on deposit can be particularly advantageous as it allows you to significantly increase your initial capital. Through our website, many brokers allow you to double your capital by taking advantage of a bonus on deposit that is equivalent to 100% of the money deposited into your binary options account.

The allocation of a bonus on deposit per percentage

The most standard bonus on deposit awarded by the binary options brokers is the percentage bonus, also called “Welcome Bonus”. This bonus is usually attributed only when a new account is opened with a broker. The percentage of bonuses on deposit of course varies depending on the brokers; some will offer their traders 20% bonus on deposit while others offer up to 50%, and some brokers that do not offer any bonus on deposit to their new traders, as it is the case of the AnyOption broker.

The percentage bonus on deposit is calculated relatively simply. First, you make a deposit and get the bonus, i.e. an additional percentage of your initial capital invested with your broker. For example, if your broker offers you 30% bonus on deposit and you deposit the sum of $ 1,000 with this broker, you shall receive an additional $ 300 as a bonus on deposit. Therefore, your capital automatically changes from $ 1,000 to $ 1,300.

As you can imagine, it is not possible to immediately withdraw one’s money along with the awarded bonus; it would be the best possible short-term return on investment (laughs). Logically, you should speculate on financial markets and make investments before you can withdraw all your money when a bonus has been previously awarded to you. Depending on the brokers, the rules on the (bonus conditions) vary; generally, the trader must carry out a certain amount of business before s/he can withdraw his/her money, his bonus and the gains earned in part by awarding this bonus after its deposit. This is the point that we will be addressing in the next paragraph “unlock your bonus on deposit”.

Unlock your bonus on deposit

Take the example of the regulated 24Option broker (authorized in all European countries), this broker normally offers 20% bonus on deposit. However thanks to and its negotiated bonuses with brokers, the bonus on deposit is 100% for a deposit higher than $ 250. Suppose you open a 24Option account and deposit the sum of $ 250, the broker gives you an additional $ 250, thus you end up with $ 500 in your trading account.

The 24Option policy with respect to the bonus on deposit is that traders must carry out a transaction volume equivalent to 20 times the bonus amount before being able to withdraw all the money available on the trading account. In our example, a deposit of $ 250 that gives the right to a bonus of $ 250, i.e. (100%) of deposit, will imply that you carry out a transaction volume of 20 x $ 250 or $ 5,000. Once the accumulated amount of your positions taken in the market will reach $ 5,000, you can freely withdraw your deposited funds, the bonus and the earnings generated with this broker.

The conditions for this kind of bonus on deposit can be beneficial for traders when they are encouraged to comply with a genuine money management and a strict risk management during their binary options trading sessions.

Is using a bonus in binary options beneficial?

Resorting to the use of the bonus on deposit when you make a deposit with your binary options broker is more advantageous, since the bonuses on deposit allow you to earn money “for free”, to see your initially deposited capital grow considerably (especially when you take advantage of the bonuses negotiated through our website), to possibly practice trading by investing more money per trade than if you have not had bonuses and hence to earn more money. The main thing that you need to pay attention to when you accept to receive a bonus on your deposit from a broker is to ensure that you can meet all the conditions for the award of such bonus.

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