Warning: Affiliate Buddies Ltd (bestforexpartners) no longer pays its affiliates!

    bestforexpartners affiliatebuddies arnaque affiliation Today we are uploading a rather special article. As you have noticed, we are often writing articles dealing with fraud committed by some binary options brokers with regard to their clients. Likewise, in this article we will be discussing again a fraud; it does not directly involve the binary options traders but us, the webmasters, affiliated with a website or a blog dealing with forex or binary options trading.

The affiliation in a few words

Do you have an idea what online affiliation is? It refers to a webmaster (called “affiliate”) having a website to promote a service or goods for a company, wherein at each sale, registration or subscription made by a website visitor, a fixed or variable commission is earned and paid for the sold service. The commissions offered to affiliates vary from one service to another. An affiliate can choose to be paid per lead (fixed commission) for each sale, or he can choose to be paid on the basis of “revenue sharing” and collect a percentage of sales. Depending on his performance and the quality of his traffic, an affiliate can negotiate with his advertiser the commissions that he will expect to receive. If his visitors are particularly well targeted and if he has a good conversion (selling) rate, he will easily be able to negotiate his salary raise and thus pocket more money. Obviously, the affiliation also exists in the binary options wherein websites that are promoting binary options brokers are generally awarded a commission for each active account opening. Hence, the binary options business allows the traders to make money as well as the brokers and the affiliates.

Who is Affiliate Buddies Ltd (Best Forex Partners)?

Affiliate Buddies is a company that operates in the online affiliation field. “Affiliate Buddies” is actually the new name of “BestForexPartners”. From its bestforexpartners.com website, it offers the webmaster a software that aims to make internet marketing (affiliation) simpler and more efficient. AffiliateBuddies (BestForexPartners) offers webmasters a wide range of affiliate programs. The Affiliate Buddies / BestForexPartners website offers its customers more than 4,000 affiliation programs, the majority of which relate to affiliation in the financial field and major advertisers are Forex and binary options brokers. Payments of some affiliate programs in binary options are particularly attractive and gain the attention of many webmasters. The tools offered by BestForexPartners seem interesting enough for the webmaster; they are simple to use and allow nonetheless a thorough analysis of traffic and connecting visitors with the partners. At first glance, the services of the new company that owns bestforexpartners.com (Affiliate Buddies Ltd) seem to form an ideal solution for every webmaster wishing to monetize his blog or his website whose theme deals with finance and online brokerage. This is why many binary options website owners and site managers have turned to BestForexPartners to promote this form of simplified investment.

Are AffiliateBuddies / BestForexPartners bad payers?

The Affiliate Buddies Ltd company is serious enough and inspires confidence when we know that it works with binary options brokers and platforms which are authorized and recognized in the trading industry. PlayTech, SpotOption, TechFinancials or Tradologic are developers of binary options platforms that are known internationally, they are for example behind the development of platforms like those of the brokers OptionWeb (Spot Option) or OptionBit (Tradologic); i.e. the AffiliateBuddies partners are serious and we do not expect as webmaster to encounter any problems with a company like AffiliateBuddies. Yet, the problems are in! BestForexPartners has recently changed direction (current 2015); the new company that is supposed to pay the affiliates (Affiliate Buddies Ltd) seems to pose some problems for them. In fact, many webmasters (affiliates) complain of not getting paid by AffiliateBuddies Ltd. It seems that the representatives of the company and its affiliate managers turn a deaf ear and no longer respond to messages from affiliates, whether by email, telephone or via Skype. After trying to discuss with the managers of AffiliateBuddies Ltd on Skype, we realize that this company takes its affiliates for idiots and does not intend to pay their generated commissions. Thus, we are issuing a warning against AffiliateBuddies Ltd / BestForexPartners to protect the webmasters who are promoting binary options through their websites. We strongly warn against becoming affiliated with this company and if you already are, consider claiming your commissions before leaving permanently at the risk of being ripped off.
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