Warning from the italian regulator CONSOB against Signal Traders

warning consob Signal Traders  

Signal trading is a wonderful invention allowing anyone to speculate on binary options without necessarily having any knowledge about them. Beginners without experience usually choose to complete training in binary options, however some people are too busy because of their job to follow these trading trainings, so they decide to follow trading signals. Despite their lack of experience in trading, they can get reliable advice on investments using trading signals. However, be careful with the signal provider chosen, they aren’t all legal and that’s what the CONSOB want to emphasise, a warning against signaltrader.com.


The warning against Signal Trader


The SONSOB (Commissione Nationale per le Societa e la Borsa) who are the Italian financial regulator, recently published a warning on their website against the company I.S. Signal Trader Limited. This company offers its services via the brand Signal Trader, providing signal tradings services. Signal Trader offers signals on forex, stock indexes, however it seems that it doesn’t own any licence allowing it to do these activities legally.


Signal Trader offers its trading signals on its website www.signaltrader.com. In fact, the trading signals proposed on this website aren’t generated automatically like for trading bots. It seems that they are delivered by traders and can be copied. Nevertheless, whatever the service offered by Signal Trader, the company to which it belongs isn’t registered with local financial authorities, consequently the CONSOB consider this broker to be risky and advise against trading with them.


Binary options signals


Binary options signals are simply indications provided by a trading software saying whether you should buy or sell on a financial market. The systems on which trading signals are based are generally developed by professional traders following some trading strategies and technical indexes.


For example, if a signal provider bases its strategy on the technical indexes RSi and Bollinger Bands, then as soon as the RSI will be in a period of over-buying (70-100) and the stocks will be on the upper bollinger band, the market will be considered as being over saturated and a selling signal will be delivered. On the other hand, if this same system notices that RSI is in a period of over-selling (area 30-0) and stocks are in the lower Bollingerband, the market will be considered as over-sold and a buying signal will be delivered to traders.

  This example of strategy is really basic, generally signal providers base their information on numerous indicators that aren’t public specific parameters. These trading strategies hidden to the public are successful and binary options traders can therefore benefit from them.


Choosing a serious binary options signals provider


There are many binary options brokers that provide traders with trading signals for free, saying when to take a call (buy) or a put (sell). As you probably know, the most famous binaryoptions brokers in the trading industry are the regulated ones, those owning licences of financial regulators which ensures that their activity is conforming with financial laws and that they can practice their activity legally. Among the regulated binaryoptions brokers offering signal trading, there are 24Option. Those brokers possess the CySEC licence and are registered with numerous european financial regulators.


For further information related to signal trading offered by these brokers you can check out : 

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